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Katehrm777 here with another installment of Hump Day Hair Day to help everyone achieve beautiful, bouncy, bodyfull (made up word), bodacious hair!

I went to UC Berkeley for college (see above for proof of my excellent skills of alliteration). There are a lot of great people at Berkeley. There are people who want to save the world, and really smart people and driven people and intimidating people. There are not, however, a lot of particularly well groomed people. I could walk around Berkeley and feel like I had an edge on people if I had washed my hair within the past 2 weeks and did not have dreadlocks. Knowing the difference between eyeliner and mascara made me a beauty maven. Having bleached blonde hair with a full face of makeup and wearing heels to class? Made me a bit of a freak.

However I recently moved to Newport Beach. Now I feel un-groomed if my hair is in a ponytail. People here not only wash their hair on a regular basis but they get it washed and styled by a professional EVERY TIME (I am not kidding…terrifying. Slash I am super jealous and wish I had the time and money to have it done to me). Everyone is blonde. Just wearing my hair down and a clean outfit doesn’t cut it anymore. So I have been wanting to add a little bit more style to my hair and I was thinking of going and investing in a good hairspray. Instead I got Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray to test.

Here is what Biolage has to say about Freeze Fix:

“Biolage styling strengthens and shines to optimize style results. STRONGStem Technology blends strong-cling polymers, strengthening macro-lipids, high-climbing akebia vine and resilient sugarcane. Biolage Freeze Fix Hair Spray is a humidity-resistant, water-free, fast-dry spray for all-day control. Lifts and locks styles into place with firm hold and aerial support.”

It all sounds very scientific and confusing to me, but what I have to say is that this stuff works really well! I always had a bit of an aversion to hairspray because I had images of Aqua Net-style 80’s hair, and I felt like it takes away the shine and bounciness of hair. But this stuff holds your style without getting sticky (as long as you don’t use too much) and actually adds shine! I tried the firm hold, but there is also a light hold, a medium hold and an ultra firm hold. When I teased my hair before I went out the other night, it held through an entire night of dancing and didn’t frizz at all. All in all, I would say if you are trying to step up your style and need a bit of hold this stuff definitely does the trick.

Any other ladies love themselves some hairspray or can’t get enough of the Biolage line?

Biolage Buy It Here!

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