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Kate here, with a warning or two..There are some shows on television that I feel should just be deleted for the greater good of society. And no I am not talking about such television masterpieces as MTV’s Date My Mom or The Hills which are horrifying reflections of society and thus I watch religiously and are my favorite shows. Rather I am talking about such shows as “Unsolved Mysteries” which traumatized me as a child and means I can never be alone in a house at night. Or the “E! True Hollywood Story: Inside the Mind of Serial Killers” which left me convinced that all of my neighbors are secretly storing and eating dead bodies inside their homes. Recently I watched a television show on the Discovery Channel (my first mistake) called “Super Snake” about how giant snakes hide in trees, stalking people from above before pouncing on them and eating them alive, complete with pictures and video of such acts. I honestly do not know if I will ever be the same. I find it hard to go about my day to day life with a smile with the knowledge that it is possible that I could die from being eaten by a giant snake. You are probably wondering the point of all this so I will get to it. I decided I needed to know more about my new mortal enemy so my boyfriend and I decided to take an overnight trip to the San Diego Zoo. I had recently received bigsexyhair’s “Big Shine Shine Spray” and decided to see whether it could truly provide all I needed in terms of shine, hold, and softness for my overnight trip without bringing my entire arsenal of products (plus the less product means the less smell for the giant snakes to sniff you out with).

Here’s what bigsexyhair has to say about their product: “Big Shine Shine Spray delivers the ultimate shine with its weightless, non greasy formula.”

I tried Big Shine Shine Spray the morning of the zoo trip, and it flattened out ALL of my frizzies (which is saying a lot), made my hair very shiny, and at the end of the day after being windblown and sweating and walking 9 million miles, my hair still looked great and the style had held up very well. It comes in a very small metallic can that fits very easily into an overnight bag or purse and has a very pleasant, clean smell. My one word of warning would be to USE IN MODERATION as too much of this product will leave you looking like a drowned rat (snake food). Also for girls who have stringy hair or problems with oiliness I would say to STAY AWAY because this would only aggravate your problem by a million fold. Overall this is a great product that really made my hair look and feel better and I would recommend it to girls with curly, frizzy or dry hair for a great shine and softness boost!

Anyone else tried the shine spray? Want to join in my petition to rid the world of giant snakes?/b>

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