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We’ll its all over and I’m finally done. I took my last final about four hours ago. I had brunch with my best friend and our favorite professor. I finished college! It’s a little sad. But I am on to bigger and better things. I’m going to take over the world, one lip gloss lover at a time! So I’m very sorry about my absenteeism the last couple weeks. I just had to get all my ducks in a row. Finish and defend my thesis. Take my exams. Pack up my stuff. (Where does it all COME FROM?) So I’ve barely even had time to surf the internet (that’s a lie…). But they have some super fun new stuff for summer at Sephora. AND voting has also begun for the 2008 Best of Sephora awards!

I am really pleased to see that they have really changed up the nominees this year instead of the same old products. I have a feeling maybe we’ll have some surprise winners this year…I guess we’ll have to wait until a little later in the year to find out. But here’s some of the interesting ones!

Best Concealers: Makeup Forever Full Cover, The Balm TimeBalm, Bare Escentuals Bisque, Benefit Boi-ing, and Amazing Concealer. The TimeBalm is my personal favorite, but I’ve never tried that Makeup Forever one. I hear its good. Im not fans of B.E. or Amazing anyhow. Go Time Balm!

Also in the Foundation category I was surprised to see the Dior AirFlash aerosol spray among Bare Escentuals (duh), Makeup Forever Mat Velvet, Philosophy the Supernatural and Smashbox High Definition. I have a can of the DiorFlash. I use it sparingly because its $60. But it gives the most amazing, airbrush finish. You skin looks so flawless!

I’ve also had a change of heart in Primers in the past year. I was of course a devotee of the oldie-but-goodie Smashbox Photofinish, but then I fell in love with Laura Mercier (not a nominee). But late in the year Laura Gellar Spackle has come to be my favorite. It just makes your makeup STAY! Its awesome! I can leave out the yucky fake-raspberry scent of Benefit’s “That Gal” And the “oil slick” feel of Perfekt. I vote for Laura Gellar!

The Tress Tamer category is interesting as well because they have three prodcuts (Fekkai Glossing Cream, Phytodefristant, and Ojon Elastic Spray) against appliances — the GHD iron and the T3 hairdryer. I don’t really understand why the lumped them all together. I’m loyal to my Fekkai Glossing Cream but the Phytodefrisant is a relatively recent acquisition. It’s a natural product and it has really made my hair sleeker!

Ladies, go forth, explore the categories, and let’s have a not-so-secret ballot box here!








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