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Meg here! Before I start can we send some good wishes off in our hearts to Gigi our resident Drugstore Deal Diva whose taking this week to be with her family.

I’ here today filling in with not a drugstore deal but a new way to get sun-kissed locks without frying your hair or looking like a skunk. I hope all of you grab a pen and write this new process down so you can remember to ask your stylist about it for your next appointment!

It’s called balayage, from those chic Parisians where balayage translates in English to “SWEEP.” I heard about this new technique from Martina Harrer at Clark Nova hair salon in LA. It makes sense Martina would be the expert on this. Her salon is all European flavor with internationally trained stylists! It’s like a Benetton ad in there!

Out with the foil, it never really gets the roots and it’s hard to control how much time your hair is cooking while wrapped up out of sight. The balayage technique is all about the artistry and controlled with a paintbrush. Your hair becomes a cannvass and there is no where near the damage of traditional highlights.

Seriously, Are you writing this term down? You know you’re going to forget so get to jotting.

Clark Nova is a great, unpretentious place. Because Martina is European she doesn’t really crave the celeb crowd like her Beverly Hills counterparts. She’s very funny about it. She had an actor in her chair and everyone was congratulating him. Martina said “Oh, Happy Birthday!” Her staff waited until the actor left to let Martina know that it wasn’t his birthday. He had just won the Best Actor Oscar.

So everyone gets the same treatment at Clark Nova, you don’t have to be rich or famous. You do have to trust me and call over there (If you’re in LA) or call your local stylist and check out Balayage!


Anyone else a fan of Balayage?

Clark Nova-Balayage Experts!

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