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So there are some things in life that you never imagine yourself doing. You know, like, working on a chain gang in your prison blues; walking a tightrope between the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, eating bugs to survive… That kind of thing your hear about or see, and think, “Whew, that’ll never be me.”

Another one of those things is frantically calling 911 while some crazy bi-zatch is trying to kick your door down. And yet that’s how BFOK and I spent the past weekend. We were in virtual lockdown for 2 days while his baby momma was circling his block, stalking my house, then finally made it into his building and tried to break the door down to get inside his apartment. I’m no legal expert, but I’m pretty sure this is the kind of thing a judge will look down upon in custody court.

Not to make light of such things, but sometimes you just have to laugh. Like when I ran down my list of things to do for the week and it read:

Drop off dry cleaning

Make appointment with dog groomer

Get restraining order

Return movies

Go to bank

Four of those things I haven’t quite gotten around to yet. But #3 on the list has been covered.

So here’s this week’s dispensation of advice: Straighten up!

I have in my hands a brilliant tube of Alterna’s Hemp Seed Straightening Balm (thanks to the lovely Lauren Hilton at Alterna!) Too bad it can’t be applied to the brain. It has “maximum levels” to “provide strong, long-lasting straightening power” Wouldn’t it be great if some things in life were as easy to keep calm as unruly hair?

According to the package, it “tames frizzies, adds moisture, and primes hair for thermostyling”. What I like best about it is that unlike a lot of straighteners that make your hair feel like it’s coated in spray starch, Alterna’s makes your hair soft rather than stiff and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

So get it together, girls! (… and you know who you are…) Get straight!

Any other followers of Alterna? What do you recommend?

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