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Alterna sent us CAVIAR Moisture Shampoo! This is not in the least suprising to Meg. Why? Well, Meg used to be friendly with The Late Great Don Crystal. Who is Don Crystal? You may ask. Don Crystal started the brand ALTERNA it was his brilliant idea to incorporate all those natural luxuries into haircare. Vital things. Hemp, Truffles, Champagne, 24 Carat Gold and yes, Caviar. As you can imagine, Don made many a million off of Alterna. The great thing (among many) about Don was that he believed in the luxury that he incorporated into his products. No stingy old millionaire was Don. He was a guests dream and a legend of a host. His last name being Crystal, he always had several bottles of the finest Cristal passed around for his guests to drink up. He had an entertainer’s dream mansion in the hills of Bel Air that always hosted the finest holiday parties for his friends that were far from their families during the season. Don’t want to drink and drive? No problem. He’d send a limo to come and get you. He lived life very, very large. Doesn’t it always seem that the people that do so get taken away from us much too soon? Don thought nothing but the finest things were worth having and that there was nothing that was over-the-top.

So yes, CAVIAR in your shampoo makes perfect sense. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, ladies please post if the million dollar ingredients translated into priceless hair.

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Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoo

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