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alternaseasilkGreetings all of you fabulous ladies! Jeanasina here! Are you ready to have some fun? Let’s get started! Sometimes, something from the past can become something captivating in the present! I checked on Meg’s website and noted that the product(s) I’m going to talk about today was reviewed here in April of 2006! Read it here! I thought we should talk about it all over again, 5 years later! Who’s in? Who wasn’t here in 2006?

Ok, how many of you on-line vixens just LOVE it when your hair is exceptionally silky and smooth! It’s a great feeling right? You just want to continually run your fingers down strands of your hair because you love how nice it feels! Well…this week I have been constantly taking my hair in my fingers and twisting it! My husband actually said to me…” What’s with the new habit of twisting and twirling your hair like a little kid all day long?” It’s true…I can’t stop doing that! I like the way my hair feels so much, that I can’t stop touching it!

You’re probably tsking and thinking “This woman is an obsessive compulsive!”… no, I’m not that, but my hair just feels SO fantastic!! Here’s how that happened. Recently my dyed blonde hair has been feeling kinda BRITTLE! Brittle is not a word women associate with radiant, healthy hair! Am I right? So, I splurged and I decided to buy a product I used a loooong time ago. I remembered, that years ago, during one of the times that my hair got in really bad shape, I went to Ulta and discovered the Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging, Seasilk MOISTURE SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER!

Now let me tell you this, I also remembered that these two CAVIAR infused products were not CHEAP! At Ulta, they run about $34.00 EACH! Definitely out of my budget for shampoo and conditioner! But we are talking about MY hair! If my hair looks really GOOD, it makes me smile! Plus, I have observed that your hair speaks to the people who are looking at you! Sometimes just looking at your hair tells people without words if YOU are having a REALLY GOOD or a REALLY BAD DAY! Sometimes you just need to go all out for the care and nurturing of your hair! I look at it like this…my hair has been good to me for all these years so, it deserves some extra pampering now and then!

So, I had a plan in motion, I just had to find someplace that would sell this coveted Caviar duo for less! So I strapped on my plastic service revolver, and used my detective skills to snoop around the internet! My search tactics paid off! I found a GREAT place, who wanted to accommodate my price range! They had the products I needed for $18.00 each instead of $33.00-35.00!

I love this website! You have to check it out! I even got my product of all products (Moroccan Oil) for less here!

But we really should talk about my hair. The day Mister UPS-man rang my doorbell, I practically knocked him to the ground in my anticipation of getting my stuff! I tore open the box and put the ALTERNA shampoo in one hand and the ALTERNA conditioner in the other and we ran (the three of us) to the bathroom! I turned my shower on and soaked my hair down and then, with total anticipation, I put some of the CAVIAR shampoo in my hand and onto my hair! The crowd roared! It lathered like a dream, and the fragrance…just intoxicating to me! The entire line of ALTERNA products ALL smell like what heaven would smell like if you could smell it! My hair was in the land of bliss! Moisture was making it’s way into my hair shafts!

I rinsed the shampoo out and then applied the yummy CAVIAR conditioner. I let it sit on my hair while I grabbed one of the ALTERNA bottles and used it like a microphone and sang out “There’s a fire, starting in my heart” – I’m a huge Adele fan and the moment called for singing and dancing! Plus I was excited! I was on the way to better hair! You really shouldn’t dance while you are in the shower though…it reeks of danger!

Anyway…from the very first re-uniting of my hair and the ALTERNA shampoo and conditioner, my hair started coming around again!

I think ALTERNA is amazing! Their product lines feel like what I am guessing the star’s products feel like when THEY wash and condition their hair! It’s a high end line but the results are worth it! My hair feels like it does when I come home from the salon!  I feel like my hair is having a luxury spa treatment every time I use it!

I’m just giving you information which might help you out when the old hair is screaming “Damaged Goods” and all your other hair remedies are not cutting it. Did I mention it’s sulfate free? There is no ‘fish egg’ texture involved either – so don’t start backing away saying “Ewwwww Caviar in my hair!”  Meanwhile, as soon as I stop typing, I’m going to pull my bangs out away from my head and run my fingers down from the root to the ends!  PURE SILK! Then I’ll probably go get my ALTERNA shampoo or conditioner and unscrew the lid and just inhale!  It’s going to be a big night around here!! Hold my calls!

The ALTERNA people say this about their decadant CAVIAR shampoo and conditioner products…”100% of women showed visible improvement in shine, texture, softness, and manageability after just one use!”  You see why I had to talk about it again on Megs? You only need a little to create a good head of lather – the bottles will last!

Sephora customers have a lot of good things to say about the CAVIAR duo also! Have any of you used any of the Alterna products?

Happy beginning of spring!

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