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Kate here with more tales from the Crypt of hair disasters and hair miracles. I am a girl. Well duh Kate you might be thinking to yourself. Obviously you are a girl…how else could you be so fabulous? And have breasts. Well actually as too many HBO specials have shown me, you don’t necessarily have to be a girl to have breasts…but I digress. My point is that I am a girl and thus, like every other girl in the history of all time, I as a young impressionable youth used the o so notorious product “Sun In.” Like most of you, I had dreams of transforming from a braces covered, giant un-plucked and/or completely shaved off eyebrows ridden, pale, frizzy haired horror of a teenager into a Britney Spears pre-shaved head/VMA meltdown blonde goddess with sun lightened highlights. And like most of you, my hair turned bright orange at the crown of my head and striped orange everywhere else. For this reason I was a little skeptical when I received alo sun’s (lack of capitalization their’s, not mine) “Lemon Lights”, a product designed with basically the same intention of Sun-In, to lighten your hair using the sun’s natural rays. Lucky for me, it does not use the same ingredients.

Here’s what alo sun has to say about their product:

“Lightens hair naturally while you have fun in the sun. On the beach or on the street heightens highlights anywhere under the sun. Perfect for blondes, as well as all shades of lighter brunette.”

I finally worked up the courage to use this product, convincing myself that my hair is so blonde anyways that it couldn’t do much to hurt it. And I was right, however, it also didn’t really do much of anything at all. I worked the product through my hair as instructed and allowed my hair to dry in the sun. I did not see much of a difference so I repeated the process. After the second time I went inside and washed my hair as it was now the consistency of play-do after being put through the play-do spaghetti maker. After drying my hair, I did feel my hair looked brighter and lighter…however this could also have been due to the fact that my hair was now clean and not polluted with a weeks worth of hairspray/dirt/spray tan/frosting (don’t ask) etc etc. I have since used it again, and I do think that it does help my hair to stay light and not fade from the pretty white blonde I have when leaving the hairdressers to the horrid yellow, brassy blonde when I arrive again. But I could not with any confidence say how this product would affect those with darker hair. All in all, I would only recommend this product for those girls with light blonde hair who just want to keep their hair color fresh and bright in between hair colors (and to do that even better and without as much damage probably, a blue or purple shampoo works wonders).

I’m not even going to ask if there are any other Sun-In survivors out there so just go ahead and start spilling! Anyone else brave enough to give the idea another try?

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