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agebeautyAlright people! How many of you out there have used OVER-THE-COUNTER-HAIR-COLOR before! I’m betting a HUGE amount of the Meg empire who read reviews here HAVE used or… ‘gasp’ ARE currently using OTCHC! How many times have you read on this website that it’s a BAD idea to color your own hair! That’s right! It’s not ever recommended but…WE STILL DO IT! Sing with Jeanasina”Ain’t no mountain high enough…to keep me from coloring my own hair!”

I have been coloring my hair since I was out of high-school and ladies…I graduated from high-school in 1966! Read it and SHUDDER!~ I’m having the dry heaves just writing that fact!~ My point, however, is that I have put MY hair through the mill over the years! It’s almost shocking! If I were to make a documentary of every insanity driven hair color story I ever experienced…well it make for one incredibly long and appalling you-tube video! I have been fortunate because apparently I have good hair genes! I have survived many hair apocalypses!

I think I have tried pretty much every brand of hair color out there that is in one way or another purchased over a counter! Keeping that in mind, you should be aware that I STILL am ALWAYS on the prowl for a new hair-color product because I constantly believe that there STILL has to be SOMETHING, yet to be discovered, that is going to be BETTER than any of the over-the-counter-hair-coloring-products I have used so far!

Which leads me to today’s presentation! How many of you shop at Sally Beauty? I’m guessing that around the globe there are Sally Beauty stores in most of your areas! If you are familiar with Sally’s you know that it’s a FUN place to shop for hair products! Recently I felt the need to browse Sally’s and see if there was something in the store that I could use to do my roots. My roots are constantly screaming “People can see us!” My regular favorite at Sally’s is Clairol’s Professional Coloring Cream which contains Soy Complex! I love that stuff but it fades too fast!

I looked at all the brands Sally’s carries and that’s when my Jeanasina scanner zoomed in on Age beautiful hair anti-aging permanent hair color! Now, instead of continuing to completely dazzle you with my personal opinions and always beautifully executed words, I’m going let YOU read some of the product information that sucked me into buying a tube of AGE beautiful hair color!

Here we go…“As we age, our hair experiences 5 signs of aging. It loses volume, manageability, color, moisture & shine. AGE beautiful anti-aging hair color is the first color with Melanin, Keratin Peptide & a patented conditioning technology with Silk Protein to replenish hair with the essential components that are lost with aging.”

Those sentences lured me in! My roots are a dreary shade of ickda’ gray mixed with some dull white. I live the life of a blonde bombshell in my mind – my roots are telling a different story! So… I do my own roots – APPROX EVERY 4 WEEKS! You can hear me shouting “Be gone satan!” as I use a hair coloring paint brush to paint new color over my roots!

Hold on everybody! I should back track and tell you that when you buy hair coloring products at Sally’s…it’s an entirely different ballgame than when you go to the drugstore and purchase everything you need in one handy kit! If you purchase color at Sally’s you have to get rubber gloves, a mixing bowl & brush or a squeeze applicator plastic bottle; hair color and developer! So…you have to really be a bit invested when you buy hair color products at Sally’s! But…if you like Sally’s then the cost kind of evens out after you acquire some of the things you will use over and over again! You are playing in the bigger leagues when you start using hair color from Sally’s! Professional hair stylists AND the guy on the street BOTH shop at Sally’s for hair color products! Professional hair stylists DON’T shop at the drugstore for their hair color!

To continue…you mix equal parts hair color and developer and stir.. I paint my roots with with the mixture using a hair color brush after parting it in a billion 4th inch partings. I set the timer for approx 45 minutes and then rinse it out and THEN … blow it out, and THEN see if I am doing confident blonde gyrations or screaming seething expletives!!”

What I like…the AGE beautiful color REALLY covers the gray~! Wow! It also lasts longer in it’s coverage of the gray! What I didn’t like…the color was DARKER than what I expected. I purchased 10G which is ‘very light golden blonde’ and I expected it to be a lot lighter! The 10G I purchase in my other brand at Sally’s comes out a lot lighter!

Now you DO know that you should ‘Always perform a preliminary patch test prior to using hair colors.’ right? Here’s a diabolical frowny-face secret…I have NEVER performed a preliminary patch test – EVER! How wrong am I? How can I offer any decent hair coloring advice if I don’t take the hair coloring advice of experts in hair coloring instruction pamphlets? This is a full-blown travesty! Also..if you are used to using brand-name boxed coloring kits from the drugstore, purchasing hair color from Sally’s might be a bit intimidating to you.

There is a nice little video below you can watch to learn more! The cost is approximately $5.99. Check it out! There’s a lot of information on the AGE beautiful website as well as reviews from actual users on the Sally Beauty website!

Who else loves Sally Beauty Supply? What do you get there? Anyone else love Age Beautiful Hair care?

Now just to be clear…I am NOT advocating for any of you to color your own hair! If you can afford it – I recommend letting the professionals handle your hair color needs!

My experience has been good so far and I’ve used it twice..but like I said, I wish the color was a little lighter. I personally don’t pull it all the way through my hair because my hair is WORN out! If I pulled it through every 4 weeks…I’d have old stuffed animal hair by now! I love the color of Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair (that’s what I am going for) and this color is more like warm golden sand at the beach. It’s a rich color!

If this was show and tell, is there a box (any brand) of hair color somewhere in your house that you could hold up right now for the class to see? Have any of you, besides me, tried AGE beautiful hair color or other products in the line?

Until we meet again…

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