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affirmJasmine Simone here! It’s that time again ladies! Summer is on the horizon and it is my favorite time of year. After months of bundling up in sweaters, scarves and boots up to the knee, it is liberating to finally shed my winter layers and emerge out of my cocoon to soak up every drop of sunshine I can; somewhat like a turtle contently basking on a rock for nourishment. Ok I admit that those of us living in Southern California might as well be stuck in a seasonal time capsule we have so many warm months. It evokes an image in my mind of the overeager student in high school that comes early to class and stays late to get in good with Teach; warm days are expected, seemingly never-ending with winter/spring/fall rolled up into one small 3 month blip in the otherwise constant warm and sunny weather.

The weather here has seduced many of my East Coast / Midwest friends into settling down in Cali and I can vouch that I’ve definitely awarded a point for this enticing attribute in my proverbial book of approval. (San Diego / Los Angeles climate is one of the few factors that really tipped the scale in my decision to move here from New York City.) Of course with the lovely weather comes the natural instinct to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Cue the trips to the beaches, outdoor parties and activities, nature excursions, picnics, backyard BBQs, patio seating at restaurants, and sun, sun, sun! All this exposure to the drying sun and heat, dips in the ocean and general glamorizing for all the summer events can take a heavy toll on one’s hair.  l’m sure everyone’s with me on this, but when my hair is looking good, I feel that everything else is just complimentary to my appearance; healthy, flattering hair is necessary and the most important part of looking my best in my honest opinion. And the only way to do this is to use products that keep the condition of my hair looking it’s best by maintaining moisture, manageability, overall healthiness.

Affirm Moisture
plus is the newest addition to their group of advanced care hair relaxers. This new line, made for people with sensitive scalp or extremely damaged hair, can also be a good choice for those like me that just want a little extra protection against the inevitable stress on the hair – an unfortunate side effect (though one I choose willingly and feel for now is completely worth it) that comes with forcing one’s hair into permanent straightness with a chemical process. Affirm has always been a favorite line of mine when it comes to chemical straighteners. I’ve tried many different brands and this one has by been the most nourishing and left my hair feeling in the best condition after the process. Affirm Fiber Guard has been a favorite choice of mine in the past but Moisture Plus leaves my hair feeling even more manageable after the styling. I could not believe the drastic improvement in the overall texture – though my lovely stylist used holding products in my hair, I could still run my hands through my head without snagging or breaking. My hair was so soft!  Eureka! The ends looked smooth and gave my hair an overall healthy appearance, which to me is the most important goal in my hair maintenance rituals.

Final note: for those that are in the “hair straightening for women” club with me, please note that this is a lye-based relaxer, not sodium based, though it does work in complimentary tandem with Brazilian straightening products. Please check to make sure that your preferred brand is also lye-based before using this product or

 What’s your favorite product(s) for achieving that perfect straight hair look?


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