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Years ago I read a magazine article that claimed that most women suffered from “bad hair days” because they didn’t spend enough time washing their hair. If I remember correctly, (and I think I do – it was so amazing to me at the time that it stuck in my head) it said American women spend an average of 60 seconds washing their hair, from start to finish.

I’ll admit to some renown amongst family and friends for my 20+ minute showers, but if I even tried to wash my hair in that time, I’d feel like the Flo-Jo of shampooing!

Part of the problem, the article said, is that we don’t spend enough time rinsing all of the build-up out of our hair before we wash it. I don’t think I’ve ever cheated on that one. I’ve always used a lot of products, so I try to get it out before I put new stuff in. But another long-lived habit I have is of treating any & all conditioners as a mask. I condition my hair toward the beginning of the shower, and rinsing it out is the last part of my routine. So I leave the cond on for at least 5 to 10 minutes, depending.

If you don’t have the luxury of time to treat your hair right, here’s a great product for you. By my new-found favorite haircare makers, Barex Italiana, there’s another line: AETÓ Botanica, the Vegetal Bamboo System (Paraben and Sulfate Free to boot!) The kind and lovely Alicia Resnicoff was kind enough to send me AETÓ Botanica’s Bamboo & Wild Mango Fortifying Mask. The AETÓ line is said to “regenerate all types of over-worked and weakened hair. Moisturizes and detangles your hair without unnecessary build-up. Your hair’s resistance against breakage will be increased by 47%.” Beyond that, this mask “detangles hair immediately” – which I can attest to. So if you’re one of those that doesn’t mask cause you haven’t the time – well, now you do!

I don’t know what magic elixir the people at Barex have gotten their hands on (the AETÓ line, boasts: “From the fruit of the Wild Mango, a tree from Africa, we obtain a ‘botanical butter’ of exceptional nutritional value”). Whatever it is, they are definitely the most luxurious, hydrating & moisturizing conditioners I’ve used.

Equally fantastic is the Bamboo & Hibiscus Fortifying Conditioner. Both have the same scent (quite strong & lasts – but it’s also dual-gender-friendly, which is nice). I’ve never thought of bamboo as having a particular aroma, but smelling these conditioners, it somehow smells exactly as you might imagine bamboo does…

Highly recommended! And if you buy through right now, I see they’re offering a free 90mL (about 3 oz., a very generous size) of the Mask with the purchase of any 2 AETÓ products.

Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!

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