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FTC Disclosure

Do you pay for for the items that you review?
Not if we can help it. Beauty writers have had publicists send them products since the beginning of time. Even though you don’t read the disclosures, the beauty editors at Allure, InStyle, WWD and Vogue get the same things. I guess the FTC is afraid of all of the extreme power beauty bloggers wield and are afraid if we say we like something you’re going to run out and spend every last dollar and sell everything you own to get it. Basically, the FTC is afraid I will become Oprah.

Do you get paid for reviews?
We sell ads on the site. Much like the magazines mentioned above sell glossy ads. Our ads, much to our dismay, do not cost $85,000 nor are they photographed by David Lachapelle. One day, we dream of getting both! Sometimes when a beauty company buys a tile ad, they ask that we will review their product. It is always understood that they are asking for a review for “brand awareness.” I don’t censor or delete any comments from anyone (as long as they are clean). It’s not worth it for me to say I like something when I don’t. If I did that you would all stop reading me and then I would never get $85,000 or David Lachappelle ever! Like I’m going to risk that for a side of cabbage.

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