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Its oil free matte foundation created especially for Asian women or really any women with yellow undertones, it just cracks me up that Larry from Zhen sent it. Don’t ask me why I thought it would be a Liann or Sandra, it just tickled my funny bone that is comes from Larry. So I will say this “ The always luscious and lovely Larry from Zhen sent Megsmakeup out some of their fab Oil Free Matte Foundation .

I have no idea whether I have yellow undertones. I do know that I am not Asian.

However, not knowing either of these things did not make me stop my smile upon receiving the Zhen box. For one thing it’s a water based foundation. I love that! Water base always tends to blend so well and doesn’t give you the orange mask look. The real coup for this O’Brien was that I found a shade that matched me pretty darn well! I said O’Brien not Wang so even though it is touted as an “Asian” brand, they do have 5 different flattering shades that work on women whose relatives did not harvest rice but potatoes. Whatever, they’re both carbs.

The packaging is very matter of fact. With all the bells and whistles going on these days I actually rather liked it was a standard bottle. No latches, nothing popped out at me and they didn’t stick a Buddha statue head on the knob or anything. It was just a straight-up, long wearing foundation. I was pretty happy Zhen targets Asian women because I know a lot of our Asian testers were happy to finally receive a product designed with their skin needs predominately in mind!

Here’s what Zhen says about their oil free matte foundation..” After applying foundation, set with face powder for longer lasting coverage and a polished finish

Ladies, please post if Zhen Foundation made you say Om!!

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