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It’s Fabulous Friday! Where Desertdoll brings you dream items worth the splurge…

Their eye cream had me bursting into song, so when Abbie from Zelens wanted me to try their new Radical Defence Serum I started practicing my scales and twirling like Julie Andrews on a hill (do, re, mi indeed)!

I’ll tell you what else it had me doing, wishing I had goofed off a bit less in Science class with Chi Chi. Something about a product developed by a Dr. containing 23 carefully selected active ingredients really speaks to my inquisitive side. But just in case you’re like me and spent that class eating peanut butter crackers and writing notes about Duran Duran, Zelens really takes the time to explain the “why” behind each and every ingredient, both on the information that comes with their items and on their super informative website.

This has an impressive list of ingredients. Some that I knew and was excited to see like Arnica (one of the most amazing herbal extracts around, it’s anti inflammatory, anti-irritant and makes bruises disappear like magic), Echinacea (great for colds but who knew this was good for skin as well?) and Gingko Biloba (commonly used for memory but…um, what was I saying?) But many more ingredients that I’ve never heard of that got me excited to learn more about. (Wow, my science teacher probably just smiled and doesn’t know why).

But even more interesting to me is the in-depth section that Zelens has on their website showing why they choose to focus on and fight 3 different classes of free radicals that can age your skin, where most skin care companies only address the 1 primary type. Charts and graphs, tests and studies, I was a bit perplexed. Abbie broke it down for me…

“Many environmental factors cause the generation of free-radicals (such as UV radiation from sunlight, smoking, alcohol, stress and air pollutants). Over the past years the beauty industry has been primarily focused on the oxidisation of cell and free radical (ROS). What we are now learning / focusing on is that there are in fact 3 types of free radicals which attack the skin and causes skin damage that leads to premature skin aging. Zelens Skin Science Radical Defense Serum contains protection against all 3, they are:

  • ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) – causes significant damage to the biomolecules and cell structures (i.e. overall damage and oxidative stress of the skin cell).
  • RNS (Reactive Nitrogen Species) – causes damage to the cellular tissue of the skin cell and causes skin inflammation.
  • RCS (Reactive Carbonyl Species) – causes the glycation (adding of sugar molecules to a protein) that initiates a chain of chemical reactions leading to the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). This reaction (the Maillard reaction) causes irreversible damage of two major skin proteins – collagen and elastin, leading to premature skin aging.”
  • But if your not ready to revisit that periodical chart of elements like I am, here’s the most important thing to take away from this post, this made my skin look and feel amazing, a noticeable improvement in the appearance. This serum really does it all: protecting, repairing, firming and smoothing, plus working below the surface to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. All the while feeling very light and airy, smelling great and coming in a really gorgeous package (cause let’s face it, I wasn’t a science major-I was an art major). This product just may be the ultimate catch-brains AND beauty!

    So, what did you do in your Science class? Maybe you paid attention and you know what a marvel the Zelens Radical Defence Serum is?

    Zelens Skin Science – Buy it HERE!


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