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zakiasMeg here! January 1st is never my New Year. I always started my new year going back to school.We would move another rung up on the ladder in the fall. Ever since childhood I have not been able to shake it. My “New Year” starts September 1.

I am going to be doing a re-cap of the products during the year that have gotten the highest amount of responses and the most to-die-for comments.

“But Meg! Zakia’s Morocco is an advertising tile?”
Yes. This came about AFTER reviewed their amazing Argon Oil. Ralph, the owner of the company was so impressed with Meg Heads, he wanted to become a supporter of our site and offer us a 30% OFF Discount easily found on the tile on the homepage. Argan oil is the new Holy Grail ingredient in skincare and take a look at over the 100 Comments raving about how superior Zakia’s Morocco’s Argan oil is to any other on the market. Don’t just take my word for it! Read the overwhelmingly glowing comments that your fellow beauty junkies wrote. It’s really incredible all of the testimonials that you wrote. Everyone’s skin just drank this amazing elixir in and found fantastic results that kept them converted. Sweetassgal absolutely gave it her raised 5 pink champagne glasses high in the air to toast it!
Read the raves on Zakias Argan Oil Here!

You can see that the Argan Oil is a facial treat, but it is one that also repairs cuticles and works wonders to restore brittle hair. It is versatile enough to be your go-to emergency beauty grab in almost any “drying” situation. Did the raves for what the Argan Oil did for everyone’s hair make you think “Why doesn’t Zakia’s Morocco create a shampoo?” Oh, you clever fox! That would be the proper deduction! Everyone couldn’t get enough of the Argan Oil so Zakia’s was kind enough to grace our follicles with Zakia’s Morocco Revitalizing Argan Oil Shampoo!

Jeanasina wrote how more mature women notice that their hair becomes dull. The color becomes lackluster and nothing put the Oomph back in it like Zakia’s Morocco Revitalizing Argan Oil Shampoo! She wasn’t the only fan. I love to take my bottle and shake it, after a little squeeze (little goes a long way) I find my hair to be shiny, manageable and ridiculously soft. We were not the only converts! You can read glowing review and “must-have” recommendations.
Read about Zakia’s Morocco Revitalizing Argan Oil Shampoo Here!

Don’t hesitate to get your 30% OFF by using CODE MEG2000

Treat your hair, body and face with Zakia’s Argan Oil! It is not only the premier choice but one that helps the environment and empowers women! How gorgeous is that? Who else is loving Argan oil?

Buy It here!

I’ll be getting Zakia’s Morocco Argan oil to send some of their newest “must-haves” off so we can spread the word on how those work! I know that Zakia’s Morocco Argan Oil is the best on the market. They contain Zero Parabens and NO Mineral oil. Zakia’s also is committed to helping the environment AND helping women- Argan oil is expensive.  It is an arduous process of production which is performed largely with human hands.  The yields are very low and even the natural habitat for the Argan tree is endangered.  It is with this backdrop that we want to make a difference.   Argan Oil production is conducted by Berber women’s co-operatives in a narrow western enclave of Morocco. These co-operatives and the micro-financing provided to run many of the farms are necessary for the well being of these ancient peoples.

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