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zakia's argan oilSweetassgal here remembering something a girl NEVER forgets… her first movie with a nude scene! Don’t worry… it was NOTHING compared to today’s standards but in the summer of 1981 when my family went to see a good ole’ David versus Goliath flick otherwise known as “Clash of the Titans”… my closest boy cousin and I were exposed to the sight of a naked Andromeda’s backside as she exited her bath surrounded by her handmaidens and draped in very sheer Grecian gauze. Completely SHOCKED I announced to my mother (who quickly covered my eyes and my Aunt covered my cousins’) and to the ENTIRE audience of the Broadway Twin Theater that “MOMMIE I can see her BUTT!” Needless to say we didn’t show our faces in that movie house for quite some time after that. In fact, I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t brave the cinema with me for some time unless the flick was preceded by… “Walt Disney Presents”. Hence my lifelong obsession with big ears. But that’s a subject for another day.
So where am I going with this for Green Chi Tuesdays you may ask?  Well, the lovely Andromeda’s bare bum aside, I’ve ALWAYS been fascinated by anything exotic and foreign. Greek tragedy and drama aside (and WHO doesn’t LOVE anything romantic and tragic!) I can never resist a treasure from a foreign land. I have high standards when it comes to the things I take into my heart and therefore I can only give away so much for fear that the Krakon will demand the sacrifice of my earthly body to appease his hunger lest my homeland be ravaged by his unearthly thirst for destruction. Just kidding… nothing that exciting ever happens in my home town… but Clash of the Titans WAS held over three whole weeks and until E.T. came the following summer I had nothing else to play with my cousins and honestly I was getting pretty sick of wearing my brown cinnamon roll inspired wig and exclaiming the words “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!”
So what foreign treasure has captured my heart along with my love of early 80’s pop culture science fiction which I have so obviously forced the readers of Megsmakeup to relive? It’s Zakia’s Morocco 100% Pure Argan Oil. Even Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of beauty herself would covet this deliciously gorgeous oil from her mysterious geographic neighbor to the south. Argan Oil, a precious commodity made from the fruit of the Argan tree, is known the world over for it’s restorative and moisturizing properties for both skin and hair. 

“At Zakia’s Morocco, we use only the very finest ingredients.  All of our oils are 100% pure and organic.  We never doctor nor cut our oils with any inferior base oils. We work closely with our suppliers who work directly with the women’s cooperatives in the Agadir region.”

They call it pure heaven for your skin and I couldn’t agree any more.  Right off the bat I noticed this oil is different.  It’s not heavy, thick or greasy at all.  In fact, take everything you think you know about “oil” and throw it out the window because Zakia’s Argan Oil isn’t oil… it’s truly nectar of the Gods and I will be using my bottle down to the very last drop. I’ve been using it morning and night after washing with my L’Uvalla Milk Cleanser and my skin just eats up every last little bit! I basically run my fingertip over the top of the bottle and then gently press the oil over my face, neck and chest. I’m always careful to use my ring finger to tap the oil around my eyes and not tug on the delicate skin. I LOVE that I can use this ALL over. I don’t need a separate eye cream, a lighter face cream and a heavier neck/chest cream. One bottle does it all! And that’s just the face…

Argan Oil for the hair?  What’s that you say?  Yes girlies, this oil is INCREDIBLE in your hair. Use it as a direct treatment on dry split ends or run a little bit through damp hair for SUPER shine and flyaway free hair! Your follicles will lap it up and there is no oily residue left behind.  For straighties this works great to give your hair that Demi Moore pin straight high power shine! It’s just gorgeous and SO SO good for your hair too.

But WAIT! There’s MORE! Ratty cuticles and nasty hang nails your “probleme de jour”?  A light swipe of oil around your nails and within a day or two you’ve got beautifully soft cuticles and nail beds. Is there anything this oil can’t do?  According to Zakia’s “Argan Oil has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen elasticity, protect against stretch marks, and improve your skin’s overall health and vitality.” Guess not!

Our very own Jeanasina was SO in love with her Argan Oil she practically begged to have anyone who didn’t just love it send her their bottle. I reiterate her sentiments because I wouldn’t mind having a second bottle to stash at my bedside too. 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% freakin’ INCREDIBLE means win, win, win for me! I’d love to hear from someone who has more oil prone skin to see how this works for them. I’d have to imagine that with an oil as light and breathable as this that it would fare well for just about anyone but I can only attest to my own personal results for face, eyes, neck, chest, hair and nails. WOW… super product indeed. Andromeda would have her very own handmaiden at the ready with Zakia’s Organic Argan Oil to keep her beautiful from head to toe. I’m no Andromeda but my bottle is definitely helping THIS earth goddess stay FAB! GLAM ON!

We are definitely amazed with Zakia’s Organic Argan Oil here at!
Have you ladies ever tried Argan Oil?

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