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vanitygirlIs there anything better than feeling truly GLAMOROUS? I mean the way women since the dawn of time feel when they absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that THEY will be the one to watch when they enter a room! Goddess Granny thrives on glamour: like Meg I love the “old school” accessories, colors, styles, and even the process/ work that goes into making a women look and feel like she’s straight out of the pages of a dream! I know…sometimes it’s just not realistic to believe that it can happen these days when everything is moving at the speed of sound but I have found a FABULOUS way to indulge my inner-starlet and couldn’t wait to share it with y’all!

I have a “vanity” of sorts but it’s actually an antique British writing desk that over time has evolved into use as a vanity and honestly, it’s just a mess! The drawers are narrow, the top marred, and it’s simply become too small for the evolving array of products and tools I need these days to get my act together! So, I have decided that it’s high time I upgrade and have designed the ultimate admittedly over the top piece which I hope to have in place in the weeks ahead. I am lucky to have a husband that has the talents to create fine-furniture who will yet again, indulge me. Marie Antoinette would gasp at what I have in mind for my little beauty-corner, HA!

One thing I couldn’t get quite right that is THE most important component of what I’d like in my whimsical yet practical design: the ultimate in a lighted-mirror that will allow me to not only see what the heck I’m doing (no small feat these days…) but also to illuminate properly so as to avoid that “What the HELL?” feeling when I look in the rear-view after applying makeup in my current less-than ideal environment. I started to browse trying to find out what the pros use that allows them create the perfect look and discovered  the ultimate niche-company based in Hollywood named “Vanity Girl” whose mission statement is simple: to “bring a little piece of Hollywood glamour to women” by creating FABULOUS lighted Hollywood style mirrors and vanities just like the celebs and the “best of the best” in the beauty world use backstage to induce the “mood” and allow the perfection we all covet!

Founded in 2008 by Maxine Tationghari,the products are made in the USA in LA by Versa products, a leader in American furniture manufacturing that uses “green” manufacturing practices: they supply mirrors and vanities to an impressive client list and the site includes tons of testimonials from top makeup artists and those in the know when it comes to ultimate GLAM! Photographers,stylists, makeup artists, boutiques, you name it, anyone who wants to provide the PERFECT way to see what you look like as well as help make one feel like they are “all that” use the gorgeous line of Vanity Girl products! They have wonderful lighted “stations” as well as full length mirrors but what appealed to me most is their “Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror!” I swooned when I saw it and actually scretched across two rooms for Mike to come get a look at it: available in 4 distinct colors, it is flawlessly-designed and provides the ULTIMATE in reflection, lighting, and yes…STYLE! The bulbs provide “soft, clean, professional-quality white light” that can be dimmed if desired and when combined with the finest optical-quality mirror, you have a recipe for perfection that allows control over every detail of the look you want to achieve! I LOVE the design of this piece,it’s self-supporting which allows for easy placement anywhere and it’s embossed with their girly logo.It looks amazing while getting the job done as it accurately reflects every skin-tone and color…where has it BEEN all my life? Can you imagine not making that weird color eyeshadow that looked beige in the pan mistake EVER again? Seriously,this is one of the most important beauty-finds of my young life and I am in awe that such a perfect “tool” even exists so thank you Vanity Girl! Never again will I be caught squinting into a shabby compact at the window trying to line my lips…

This mirror truly combines the best in both function and form and I can’t imagine anyone not adding it to their “must have” list! If you love makeup, to look amazing, and yes…would like to add a little extra dose of that elusive-product called GLAMOUR to your everyday routine, do yourself a huge favor and check out the inspiring and adorable Vanity Girl website.

They offer free Fed Ex ground shipping in the US and honestly, I have spent more on a wild shopping spree at the cosmetics counter in an afternoon! When you think about how you’ll feel each time you sit in front of this mirror, it’s a worthy investment indeed!

And just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed with Vanity Girl, they have graciously provided a PINK Starlet Vanity Mirror( “I die…”) as one of the amazing prizes that will be gifted to a lucky military-lady next week at the HUGE Meg’s Makeup beauty event at Fort Carson in Colorado!
Thank you Vanity Girl for helping us make it all a bit more beautiful for those special women as well!

Do you agree that the right mirror and lighting make ALL the difference in your get-ready routine? Do you also crave a bit more glamour everyday?

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