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Hey everyone, it’s Chichi with another Green Chi Tuesday. This week, we’re saying yes, yes, yes to vegetables and all the good they do for your body and skin. Specifically, we’re taking a look at the exciting new line Yes To Carrots. This Paraben Free line of face, body and hair care combines vitamins and minerals with juices from the ‘orange color’ produce groups and Dead Sea Mud…to help cleanse, detoxify and mineralize the skin naturally.

As a vegetarian for over fifteen years, I have learned to love and appreciate my vegetables. It was a long road however; like most kids, I turned my nose up at any green on my plate. One of the only veggies I would tolerate was the lovely carrot. What’s not to like? The bright color, sweet taste and satisfying crunch won me over. Every Mom that I know has a bag of snack sized baby carrots in her refrigerator for her little ones.

I had one friend, who was on a health kick and turned to the baby carrots at all times. Need a side for dinner? A late night snack? A mid-afternoon pick-up? Baby carrots it is. Eventually (I swear this is true) she noticed that her skin was taking on an orange tint. A little research showed this was from eating too many foods that contain orange-colored beta-carotene. It clears up in a few days once you lay off those addictive baby carrots.

No worries today, because instead of eating our carrots we will be slathering them on our skin. The very generous Paul of Yes To Carrots sent an array of items to test. They are all good for you and full of Beta-Carotene, which is well known for its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties and Dead Sea Mud known for its world-renowned detoxifying properties…which are known to improve cell metabolism and stabilize the moisture content of the skin. Hey, if it was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for me! Our panel will be reviewing:

C THE DIFFERENCE EXFOLIATING AND SOOTHING MASK – This mud mask tones, revitalizes and purifies the skin leaving clearer, tightened skin. The box states it is best for Dry to Sensitive skin, but my oily skin loved it too! A light application to the face, rinsed after one minute, soaked up all the excess oils on my face and left soft, clean skin behind. I really like the dense property of this mask – it helped for a mess free application without any drips into my eyes or mouth while waiting for the magic to happen!

FEEL THE C PAMPERING SPA MANICURE This little beauty is like a sugar scrub for your hands! Just stir the jar (filled with carrots, fig, jojoba, almond and olive oils) place about a teaspoon in your hands and gently massage, concentrating on your cuticles and nail bed area. The dry patches and flaky skin are exfoliated away and you are left with smooth, glowing hands. I’ve used this on my feet and elbows before a shower and it works really well on those extra dry spots.

C THROUGH THE DRY-SPELL BODY BUTTER This luxurious, extra dense body butter is going to help get me through the winter. I love the light, clean, creamy scent that never works against my perfume. The rich butter soaks into my skin and the glow it leaves behind lasts all day. After just a few days of use, my dry elbows and hands have vastly improved. My skin is smooth and the flakes are gone! This rich cream will be ideal for all-night treatments in the dead of winter. I’ll slather this cream over my hands and feet, don cotton socks and gloves and wake up to soft, glowing skin!

Finally, one of the best things about the Yes To Carrots line is that it is so affordable. Right now, the line is carried exclusively through Wal-Greens. If you order now through their website, you can take $2.00 off any Yes To Carrots product. Just enter the promo code deadsea at checkout.

So ladies, please let us know what item you received for review from Yes To Carrots and if you found a delicious new way to feed your skin!

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