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Yes, I tagged this “Monday’s With Meg” so you can see we are totally on the ball over here.

I am going to use this little star Katie Holmes as an opening act for myself. I mean, why not really? Opportunity=grab it! Much like Tom=grab it! As long as we are all on the same page.

I have a secret life. It’s not really secret but I just wanted to experience writing that sentence. I write for and a lot of other big time publications hire me on a freelance basis to bring my brilliance. I mean obviously, right? Ha! I’ve been more fired than a s’mores stick from lots (my humor doesn’t always translate.) In the words of Larry David “I’d rather be right than liked.”

God Bless Hollywood. Yes, I’ve always wanted to experience what writing that sentence would feel like. Here is the thing. If I can offer any advice to anyone that is obviously looking for advice in all the wrong places (seriously, your priest wasn’t available?) Just hang in there. Just stick it through. My theory is that we’re all like the Pyramids (stay with me here) there is like 50 blocks on the bottom. Then it narrows, the other 20 blocks got married so now we have 30 blocks. Five more blocks said “to hell with it, I’ll get a 9-5.” Now we have 25 blocks. From there they all fall off, “do something meaningful-blah blah.” The top keeps getting pointier, not from talent making its way, from everyone else giving up. Just hang the Hell on. If you want something more than everyone else you’ll get it. I’m not a mathematics expert but the odds of holding on are in your favor. Play chicken with life, you’ll be very surprised to see how malleable the world actually is. I tell people (I swear I use this line all the time) “Look, it’s easier to just speak to me than get a restraining order.” Once they see you’re serious they’ll talk. Thank-you. That advice is free. Now go use it, there are starving children in Africa that never got fed that damn advice so eat up.

I’ve been on many red carpets doing interviews. I’m a lunatic on the red carpet. For a great shot or quote I have been known to climb ladders, hop over the red rope and pretend to be the publicist (and in my greatest interview, I said I was part of Michael Jackson’s back-up dancer’s to get to him) try learning that routine in thirty seconds!! Thank-you Nancy Kelley. I can actually say that yes, I have danced with Michael Jackson! They just thought I was the dancer just released from rehab. Prob not that far off honestly.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there on the red carpet. You wouldn’t believe how many people (men) shove and push you. If you go in weak you’re gone. I have already established with pretty much everyone in town that this lady ain’t leaving. I needed a base. I needed someone that got “it” more than anything, what I really needed was a friend.

Roxy Manning was sent to me from Heaven. She really, truly was. I don’t know how many of you are my facebook friends but you’ll see her with me in almost every shot. There are very few people in life that will “get you.” If you are me than you understand that there are even fewer. Roxy “gets me” she is absolutely gorgeous, fabulous, funny, smart and most important kind….Wait, funny maybe more important than kind, no matter she’s both. She is a journalist and we met while covering the red carpets around town. We discovered the talents each of us had and were smart enough to pair up in this boystown.

Just to be the longest opening act for Katie Holmes in the universe can I give some more advice? FIND YOUR PEOPLE. I’m in LA, this is a tough town. But, there are good people everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Like attracts like so get out there. I’m ambitious, Roxy is ambitious, when either of us feel like taking a 4 hour siesta one of us has an appointment the other can’t miss. A partner doesn’t always mean a guy. Relax, she’s married and I’m single with Irish/Sluttish.

Katie Holmes was cornered on the Red Carpet and asked what “three desert items she would not be without”.

Roxy filmed while Katie answered. We wanted to bring YSL Mascara to you as well but YSL decided to not participate. This makes me very annoyed. You see, YSL was more than happy to participate when I brought them on the show Extra! They thought doing this give-away would cheapen their brand. However, the 2 brands Katie mentioned are much more high-end and prestige than YSL.

Let’s talk about what you can win! Katie mentions BY TERRY!
BY TERRY BAUME DE ROSE  his melt-away balm, which has become the must-have of Hollywood stars, BY TERRY’s über-cult product, is a real ultra-glamorous SOS treatment to repair, nourish, regenerate and lastingly protect the lips.
This ultra-rich product is also a precious salve to care for and strengthen the cuticles.
Its creamy and delicately rose-scented texture, which is shiny without being sticky, coats the lips in an incredibly natural glossy finish.
In an instant, the lips are lastingly smoothed, plumped up, supple and protected!

Direction to use:
– Apply BAUME DE ROSE directly to lips with fingertip.
– For greater coverage, use PRÉCISION 3 BRUSH to apply over ROUGE DÉLECTATION.

– A lipo-regenerating complex made up of Rose Flower Essential Wax with softening and astringent properties, Pastel Oil to boost cell renewal, and Shea Butter with healing and soothing benefits, supplies strength, nutrition and comfort.

– The Hydroskin complex, a combination of filling spheres and active ingredients of lipid origin, provides optimal hydration.

– Biotechnological ceramides deliver youthfulness and density thanks to their restructuring and firming action and their smoothing effect.

– Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and Sun Protection Factor 15 protect the lips against the harmful effects of light and help to fight against aging.

– Apply as a top coat with PRECISION BRUSH 3, over ROUGE DÉLECTATION to enhance your lip makeup while ensuring optimal protection.

– BAUME DE ROSE may also be used as a lip base to hydrate the lips, preparing for lipstick application and giving enhanced hold without any bleeding.

– Leave a thick layer on the lips overnight as a “nourishing cataplasm”.

– Massage the nails and cuticles with BAUME DE ROSE to strengthen the nails and remove dry cuticles.

Katie also mentions in your package to win!

Allure 2007 Best of Beauty Awards - Winner of Best Masks for Dry Skin Allure 2007 Best of Beauty Awards – Winner of Best Masks for Dry Skin

Radiance, Moisture Enhancing Mask by SK-II. Revitalizes. Comforts. Provides intense hydration. A 100% cotton mask that soaks skin with Pitera’ s fusion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. Immediately replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed and cool.

We’re giving away 2 of these packs two 2 lucky winners. We love to add YSL but they snubbed us, so guess what? Payback’s a mofo. You can enter on Roxy’s site as well. I don’t know what her contest is but I bet it’s great

Just tell me the greatest risk for a reward that you’ve ever taken and it’s yours!

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