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blairHello all you sun hat lovin’ ladies from around the globe! It’s Jeanasina’s body beautiful Wednesday! If you are anything like me, right now you are parading around in front of your chosen live-in companion saying something like…”Don’t you absolutely LOVE my new SUN HAT?” There you are, hands on hips, walking back and forth like you are on the catwalk, strutting your stuff, workin’ that brand new sun hat you probably just purchased today! You know you look good! You can’t wait to wear it outside! It’s spring, it’s Easter Bonnet (who still says that?) time but more importantly, it’s SUN HAT buyin’ time!

Just last week I was in T.J.Maxx, innocently looking around, when suddenly without warning my cart steered it’s way towards a wall of sun hats on display! SUN HATS! That’s how I saw them, in CAPITAL LETTERS! They were beckoning to me! So I boldly stepped in front of the mirror and I tried on ALL the sun hat styles they carried! Did I need a new sun hat; the answer was no. I fled the store before the sneaky, perky sun hats could take over my brain. I have 3 moderately decent sun hats at home! Temptation was the devil disguised as a spring Sun Hat!

I had tried on a hat that had a rim that almost fell to my shoulders! I thought it was absolutely brilliant! Are you picturing this? Your head is way inside this hat and the brim sides are pretty much touching your shoulders! You can’t really SEE anything! It was totally UNREALISTIC in use-ability! Maybe if you were holding perfectly still for a long period of time (such as during a nap) it could work. But walking in the hat…you’d have to keep your eyes PEELED to the ground watching for feet so you don’t run into other people! Not a lick of sun would hit your face in this hat! I tried on other sun hats that made me look like Indiana Jones! When I went to meet Meg and the other writers at the Madonna Inn, I found a perfect PINK sun hat made out of cotton that actually had a drawstring on the inside so I could get it to fit my cranium perfectly! It’s cute as a button and has a brim I can fold upward so that I look like I’m Diane Keaton vacationing on a yacht ! I can bend the rim all the way down (vast sun protection mode) and I look like a proper English woman who attends teas in the vast gardens of the countryside! If I set the hat towards the back of my head I look like a cub reporter with the local Gazette typing this very newsletter for you right now!

I need and love a good sun hat for gardening and to wear when I go out for long walks! I never EVER thought I’d be caught dead wearing a sun hat but I discovered they are cute and I love the gift of ‘FACE SHADE’ they give to me ! They can even reflect YOUR personality! There are sun hats for kids, men, women and even for pets! I’m telling you right now that SUNHATS are IN! No matter what your age, you can be wear a sun hat! I am betting that the actors on Gossip Girl ALL have sun hats in their personal and television lives! And they are undoubtedly high end, big name label, absolutely killer cute, SUN HATS!

And the men have joined us in the enjoyment of sun hats! Oh yes they have! There are male Casanova sun hats with a wide brim. Both sleezy type guys, trying to hit on a beautiful girls and young, cool, smooth, muscular rich guys, put that style sun hat on their heads in the exact same way. They take their fingers and grab it at the top in the front and then they set it on their heads (lightly) and then tilt it just so! I know you know what I mean! They look in the mirror and their expression every single time says “I look damn good in this sun hat!” I don’t think they actually use the words ‘sun hat’ though.

The man sun hat is usually made from some weaved material that reminds you of Jamaica’s beautiful beaches! They also come in cotton too. The main thing is in men’s sun hats is that they need to allow a man’s head to breathe! There is usually an air-iation area made in the men’s sun hats so that the extra sweaty steam glands they have in their heads have a way to escape the hats! Women’s hats don’t generally supply that feature.

But women’s sun hats are SO adorable! Some are light as a feather and you put them on and you are suddenly filled with summery feelings! How cute is your sun hat with your swim suit? Some sun hats can actually provide UV protection! Sun hats also give you a sense of privacy! You can watch stuff and people can’t tell you are watching because the sun hat brim and your sunglasses give you anonymity! My personal favorite sun hat is made by Kate Lord the golfer. I love it because it has an elastic band that fits around my head and the hat stays on even when I’m running back and forth yelling “The Sky is Falling!” There are no ties or strings involved! It’s quite cute, however…I find if I walk in the sun with a sun hat on, I TOO produce a very sweaty residue around the inside of the hat. My hair has been known to be less than stellar once I return to the house and take off the hat. At that point it’s best for me to leave the hat on until I go to bed and am in complete darkness. You gotta know by now I have a severe case of ‘ damp sun hat head’.

Ok, it’s your turn…tell me about your sun hats! Are there flowers involved! Can you tie it under your chin? Do you have a sun hat to match every outfit you own? Does your dog have a sun hat just like yours for those neighborhood walks you go on? I applaud all of you who use sun hats to protect the beautiful skin on your face!

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