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Stacy B here! This is a pretty hard post for me to write, half of me still can’t wrap my head around what happened in Newtown, CT and the other half of me is so excited for Christmas with a 4 year old that truly gets it this year and a 7 month old who is thrilled if you give him some wrapping paper to crinkle up. I’m torn right down the middle this week.

And where does make-up fit in to all of this?

Can I really write a light-hearted post about the bronzer I’ve been using lately when there are mothers out there that will never hug their babies again? But, can I allow something that didn’t happen directly to me ruin the Christmas season for my kids who have no idea what happened? It’s really difficult around here lately. Wanting to be happy and excited for Christmas with my family is totally normal. But so is being heart broken about these latest events. My son is in school this year, my Mom is a teacher. Any of those kids or teachers could have been them. And a friend from high school is the Sandy Hook Elementary gym teacher. She saved 37 kids. 37 KIDS. She ushered them into a storage closet and kept them safe, quiet, and alive. Too many things are too close to home on this one.

I just have to hug my kids and my mom, keep those babies and teachers in my thoughts and keep going. That’s all we can do, just live our lives as best we can and look forward to the good things without forgetting the bad. Needless to say, I’ve had some sleepless nights lately. A teething 7 month old who MUST have a hollow leg is also keeping me up at night, so that’s not helping. The kid eats more than I do and he’s 20 lbs!

Waking up with a pale face is par for the course in the winter, but throw in some stress, some excitement, some rough nights and I look like a ghost. When your own mother tells you ‘you look exhausted’, and forces you to go take a nap while she watches the kids, you know it’s bad.

My wallet’s not all that fat lately either, so I needed something quick, easy and cheap. Thank you Wet n Wild for your Ultimate Minerals Bronzer.   This stuff does the job. It brightened up my face with some color and a VERY light shimmer. Don’t worry, there are no large glitter particles to cling to your face, it’s just a very nice, light-catching shimmer that goes on evenly and stays smooth all day.

As with any loose powder, be careful. I don’t have the steadiest hand so I did have one instance where a little too much went on and I looked like a lopsided clown, but that’s my own fault. Just be light in your application, have a good applicator brush and tap the excess before you sweep. It looks a little dark in the container, so go very light until you figure out how much you actually need. This is great as a light dusting in the winter, and will really compliment my summer skin color, too.

 Another warning, the container is a bit messy. It has a very innovative double flap opening that is aimed at keeping the loose powder contained, while having some small holes in the bottom plastic layer to allow for even distribution. On top of that is another plastic flap that you clamp down before screwing on the cap. In theory, this should be mess free. It’s not. I had to open the container over the sink to avoid spilling everywhere. After I used enough of it that I got all the excess powder out of the hinge, the plastic flaps and the screw-on cover, it worked very nicely. Just be aware that it was probably jostled a lot during shipping, stocking and purchasing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, way to go Wet n Wild. You have transformed from every 11-year-old’s first make up experiment to a worthy drugstore competitor for all ages. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND WHO ELSE LOVES WET N WILD?

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