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Hello to all you fabulous readers of, it’s Chichi with another Green Chi Tuesday. This week, I am excited to write our first review of the amazing von Natur bath and beauty line, who graciously sent us a variety of items the for our testers to review.

I was happy to receive the Balance Facial Exfoliant for my review. I love exfoliaters and facemasks; always have. When I was a child of the 70’s and 80’s, I thought that face masks and exfoliators where the height of sophistication. Every time I saw a lady on television using a facemask, lounging in a spa with cucumbers over her eyes, I imagined my adult self: living the high life and getting a facial whenever I wanted. My friends’ older sister used an oatmeal exfoliator that made me writhe with envy. Oh, and I can still see those advertisements in my minds eye of the blue masks that changed color as it dried. I just couldn’t wait to have a blue face myself. Happily, my daydreams of facemasks and exfoliants paid off – a good exfoliant/mask is great for both mind and body.

Some of my other daydreams about beauty have turned into nightmares. A number of beauty rituals I yearned for, just didn’t pan out for me. These include, but are not limited to:

SHAVING – One of my earliest wishes was to be old enough to shave my legs. I couldn’t wait for my smooth legs to start growing hair so I could get a pink razor, luxuriate in my tub and glide said razor over my shaving cream prepped legs. I can’t believe I have any skin left after all the “play” shaving I did while in the tub. Of course today, I would give anything to have those clean, poreless and hair free legs (heck, my whole body) back again.

PERMING MY HAIR – I have fine, thin hair. When I was a child it was so limp and fine that a barrette would just slid out of it within an hour of time. My hair just would not hold any shape or style. How I dreamed of bouncy, shiny curls or thick hair that could be swept into a perfect feather on either side of my head. After many bad perms, curling iron burns and tons of damaged hair, I have learned to embrace and work with my natural hair condition.

EYELINER ala the 80’s teen-ager -This was a biggie. I fantasized of the day I would have my own little make-up bag and could “put on my face” before school or work. I knew some older teen-age girls from my swim team at the pool. After practice, they would pull out their supply and get to work reapplying their eyeliner as I watched fascinated. This is going to date me because they applied their eyeliner on the inside rim of the lower eye. Seemed great to me. Not so good in practice. Today I know that this leads to eye irritation, germy eye pencils and actually makes your eyes look smaller.

All right, time to get back to the von Natur Balance Facial Exfoliant. This amazing face wash leaves my skin with the great purifying effects of a mask with the smooth finish you get from an exfoliator. I’ve been using it every other day (as recommended) in the shower on my face and chest. It cleans and clears my skin without drying it out. Plus, I really love the simple tube with a flip top for ease in the shower – no lids or heavy jars to slow me down. It’s safe for all types of skin, including damaged, sensitive, normal and combination skin. The scent (jojoba and other herbs) smells just like the spa of my dreams – fresh, clean and not too strong.

Best of all, the von Natur company is green, green, green! The name means “from nature” and the company specializes in natural and organic skin and body care. All of their products are “green and vegan certified and use choice botanicals and pure, naturally derived ingredients…that is truly therapy for your skin. von Natur contains pure essential oils, not only for their aroma but also for their therapeutic values. (They) never use synthetic fragrances, unnecessary chemicals or animal byproducts.”

Ladies, please let us know what item you received for review from von Natur and if it gave you the smooth skin of your youth!


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