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vapororganicconcealerSweetassgal here writing my intro Green Chi Tuesdays review as I sit seething in a Workers Comp hearing.  In the grand tradition of shyster barristers everywhere (not all lawyers are crooks but there are plenty out there) I have been sitting through negotiations and now a hearing all day listening to them spout overdramatized gobbly gook and drivel.  The funny thing is I think these people actually talk THEMSELVES and their clients into BELIEVING this dreck.  Facts are facts…but if some silver tongued slime ball can muddy them up in any way possible…I’m learning they are more than willing to do it.  And with a smile on their face as well.  WOW.  I have to tell you ladies of Megsland…I need a shower to wash the lawyer off me STAT.
Six grueling hours of injustice later…
I’m home now and just getting ready to have a glass of wine and soak away the day.    I’m so tired I don’t even care about dinner.  I just want to slink into the tub and let some of the great bath products I’ve seen from Meg take me away.  Into the tub I climb armed with grape infused liquid protection, a mirror and my makeup remover to see if my face held up better than my nerves did today.
This morning I applied the new Vapour Illusionist concealer stick as I have been doing for the last few weeks checking it out and seeing how I like it.  First off I can tell you that especially for an organic it does have staying power.  I can attest to that because it’s been about 10 hours since I applied and it hasn’t settled into lines or disappeared completely and I greatly appreciate that.  The website says that the formula resists settling (unlike powders), does not clog pores and that you activate it by gently swirling on the back of your hand to heat and soften.  I wish I had read that prior to recently trying because first impressions left me cold…as was my stick.  But warming does help tremendously in making the concealer more fluid and easier to apply.  I followed the advice of Goddess Granny and used a brush to apply and the finished results are much more polished but not as matte as I usually like in a concealer.  
I must confess…I am a bit of a concealer novice.  In fact I’m actually a bad concealer survivor so just trying this new product again brings back all of the trauma of my first “brush” with concealing.  Let me just tell you I hate my nose.  It’s not really that bad, just a little too wide and the end and I’ve never liked it.  Following a Seventeen magazine beauty tip in Junior High I purchased a concealer and some shading powder and proceeded to “camouflage” the shape of my nose by applying the lighter concealer and using the powder to give the illusion of a smaller, more elongated nose.  Knowing NOTHING about blending and the gentle subtleties of makeup I ended up looking like one of the dead people from MJ’s Thriller video.  I was quite traumatized but eventually I got over it and gave the stick a chance again.
Vapour Illusionist concealer uses 70% Certified Organic materials (the most possible in this type of product) and 30% natural mineral pigments and vitamins that are not available organically.  This blend moisturizes and brightens, reduces fine lines, gives breathable protection and as I’ve stated doesn’t settle into fine lines.  All of these things I find really likeable about the concealer and it even contains Frankincense (as in a gift to baby Jesus) so it’s somewhat heavenly blessed, but it’s not the highest on my recommendation for this type of product overall.  There is a certain matte smoothness I need in a concealer that isn’t quite there yet.  And I know why as it’s harder to work in organics and get the same results as chemical laden products but I can say for organic , and once heated to activate, this is MUCH better than MANY of the chalky organics I’ve seen out there.  If you are looking for an organic makeup and prefer a sheer satin type finish than this is the stick for you.
I couldn’t verify on the website but I’m pretty sure the plastic container is recyclable.  Being a roll up stick it can get a bit messy and the packaging isn’t as sophisticated or girlie girl sparkly as the Megheads tend to ooh and ahh over but if it’s recyclable then that wins over bedazzled from a Green Chi standpoint.  I think the gentlemen at Vapour are on the right track and doing excellent work at trying to bring us quality product that will rival nasty chemical infused makeup.  A little aesthetic tweaking and possibly a line of sheer’s as well as a line of matte’s might help them kick it up a notch.  Keep up the innovative thinking guys and never stop the important work you are doing.  One day we can all look back and laugh at the days when we loaded up our dermis with gunky chemicals and say we remember when.  Our grandchildren can just roll their eyes and say Grandma had to walk to Sephora in the rain, with the wolves howling, uphill…both ways!  Sound familiar!
GLAM ON! What is your can’t live with out foundation?

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