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urbanglowHave you ever caught yourself literally starring at someone? Recently Goddess Granny was recently guilty of doing this. A young woman at a sushi bar had the cutest boots on and her outfit was also really adorable. What captured my attention was her “essence.” She was chatting to a guy and everything about her simply radiated good health and confidence….In a word she GLOWED! I decided that if there were a product at any time in the history of the world that could capture her youthful excitement and charm in a bottle that it would indeed be priceless and all would kill to own it!

To my amazement, a package arrived the very next day that included this funky-precious little purple (very well made and with an excellent mirror!) compact. It had such a darling little embossed smirking-skull on the cover I squealed in delight before I even had it out of the box! it could ONLY be something fabulous, fun (and of course amazing) from our BFF’s at “Urban Decay!!!” You know I love this company and they just keep getting better to the point of serious cult-status! I follow UD on Facebook as well and their updates, contests and casual yet intriguing posts literally have people stalking them to see what’s next! Their eye shadows and palettes? Legend if you can snag them before sellout…Their primers and glosses? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have them in their pro-bag of tricks! They are irreverent without being over the top and original to a fault! This brand consistently rocks the makeup world with color and cool and the fact they their approach to beauty as a whole is their “why not?” attitude! They recently re-introduced the art of false eyelash-wearing to many who would never have considered it before because they made it fun and new again to apply lashes as well as making it easy for a novice!

I held my breath as I opened the compact. I beheld a shimmering cream and when I ran my finger over it, it felt like silk and shimmered like….A moonbeam? Wait…no, make that “Moonshine”  That’s the color of my “Urbanglow Cream Highlight!” This stuff is so DIFFERENT! Wear it right on top of whatever else you have on and it illuminates like crazy! Sculpt your cheekbones, emphasize your assets or wear under your foundation to hide the sins of a night of sin! Four shades-all are wearable by ANYONE! The effect is literally that of the most flattering high-end lighting known to man or woman! Totally non-greasy, weightless and effortless, simply light up your looks with this mega-watt silken-cream and no one will ever know it’s not simply your natural “glow” shining through! Not a trace of “glitter” makes just as much of a statement though…

I will go as far as saying this product rates in the top 5 of my “Best of 2010” so far for the year! It’s truly innovative and unlike any other highlighter ever. It just captures the light in a subtle way and allows you to control the effect with the mere touch of a fingertip! I would like to try one of the “bronzy” shades and think this little compact could well replace about 3 other “must have” items I currently use!Kiss I’m almost afraid to put it down, it’s like my new “Tinkerbell nightlight! It lets me shine in the prettiest possible way, I LOVE MY URBANGLOW!

There’s even a super-cool little video on the Urban Decay website that shows how co-founder “Wende” uses it to fake a “younger look” on a gorgeous model here!

Who among us doesn’t want to look positively radiant and “dewy?” I know I sure do! This product is JUST hitting the shelves but you can be among the first (and I do predict a quick-sellout initially!) to buy it here!

The compact holds a very generous amount but if you’re like me, you’ll be dabbing it on constantly and will want backup,Surprised! I can’t imagine an easier way to capture a bit of luminescent magic and be the one who “glows” in a crowd!

I think a bit of “liquid light” (not glitter although I also love it dearly) is something elusive, special and that everyone can love and use daily! Do you also love to shine in all the right places?

Buy It Here!

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