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urbandecaytintedI am officially melting. The Wicked Witch has nothing on me lately! Goddess Granny is SO sick of 100 degree weather and people, it’s only JUNE for the love of God! It’s so hot I just want to wear something baggy and sip mint garnished drinks inside while soaking my feet in cool water pretending I’m outside by the pool. It’s too HOT to actually BE out there! Frizzy hair, clammy/rashy skin that glows like the moon! Not much that will stay fresh and pretty when it’s this nasty outside! I am resigned to having really nice finger’s and toe nails because they are about the only “embellish-able” spots that don’t run or drip down to nothing 10 minutes after I apply a product so I guess I need to focus my efforts there?

I am not someone who goes “barefaced” by nature and have found a few fabulous foundations that stay put even when it sizzles. They tend to also look a bit heavy and formal and damn, I want to be a fresh faced Beach Bunny too! I’m telling you,if it weren’t for the genius creators at one of our ALL TIME FAVORITE brands, Urban Decay! I’d be up a creek without a lipgloss! Their outstanding products just keep improving with every launch and I swear that if I could choose only ONE brand for my own for all time, it would be UD! I just love their policies that get them voted “Best Vegan Brand” year after year! The truly sensational packaging, and the originality that seeps into everything they introduce to the market that allows them to stand out with such style! I defy anyone not to find something that becomes a personal Holy Grail from this brand!

One of their newest products is the “Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer” WITH SPF 20! Okay, I’m gonna’ get graphic: I just had a mole removed from my leg because it was “annoying me” and thankfully, it was nothing to be concerned over. Three weeks later, I am STILL dealing with the healing of a rather larger hole on my leg above the knee. I SURE don’t ever want to have to deal with any sun related REALLY bad issues on my face or neck so just the fact that this brilliant product includes enough solid sunblock to give decent results is a huge win in my book! The moisturizer is paraben and fragrance free and because of the unique mineral complex it contains, fights those insidious free radicals that are well known for adding to skin’s aging woes! It goes on with a beautiful buildable coverage that sets to a fabulous finish thanks to light-difussing particles that give your skin a polished and smoothed appearance even before you add anything else!

It may WELL offer enough coverage for many and with a bit of UD powder on top, you have a flawless face that isn’t all heavy and matte. It still looks nice enough to face the day with a gorgeous and protected finish! The generously sized tube (great for travel!) should last all Summer and then some and for those that need a bit more protection, it’s easily mixed with a bit more sunscreen.Kiss

NOW….and we need to chat a bit here…on the subject of shade choices: I have a tube in “Bulletproof” and need to thin it out a bit so it’s not too dark for my vamp-pale skin. I do this by adding a layer of moisture under this moisturizer and it works just fine! I have noticed comments from several others who have sampled this to also have a bit of an issue with the shades being a bit on the darker side of pale. I’m going to go on a limb and guess it’s because this might well be intended for “warm weather use” meaning that most have a bit more color in their skin? My next tube will be in the “Halo” or “Bodyguard” shade because again, it seems that the shades tend to be a bit dark for the majority so be sure to take this into consideration if you order online? If you can sample first, that is always best! This is such a great product that it’s WELL worth the extra bit of trouble to find the shade that blends perfectly on your face. I love the fact that it actually GIVES me a bit of color so for now,it’s great for me…

I believe everyone could benefit from Urban Decay’s “Urban Defense” Moisturizer because we ALL need to stay protected while we are glam and gorgeous to avoid any skin- unpleasantness in the future…it will also go a LONG way to help prevent those brown age spots if you USE a product like this daily,trust me and it’s MUCH more cost effective than having to try and get rid of sun damage “later!” I use any excess on my hands, another BIG area of concern when it comes to sun damage!

Be sure to check out “what’s new” and as always,marvel at the colorful and FUN goodness that Urban Decay is famous for! The new “Cannonball Waterproof Mascara” has MY name on it,i t’s great to know that it IS possible to be pretty and not be reduced to a messy puddle of products when the temperature soars! Do you also rely on products that provide protection AND have staying power in the Summer? Have you ever tried a tinted moisturizer in lieu of regular foundation?

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