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Meg here. I saw “Bridesmaid’s” and it was cute I identified much more with the “villain” than the “lead.”

My date on Friday night brought me to dinner and said to me…

Date: I don’t usually bring girls to dinner.

Meg: Where do you bring them?

Date: I knew I had to take you to a nice dinner. I never usually have to do this, I usually take girls for a few drinks as a date and then we go back to my place. It usually works.

I’m not so desperate for a tuna tartar that I’m going to sleep with someone for it. I mean really. I asked around to my guy friends and they agreed with Mr. Friday Night. My male friends chimed in with “Yeah, it’s not like that anymore. I don’t want to drop all that money for dinner and then have it end up that I’m not even into her. Most girls now a days are cool with meeting for drinks or coffee.”


 I’m not meeting you for coffee. I’m your date-not your AA sponsor. I’m not meeting you anywhere. My dates pick me up. Who are these girls? The harder a guy works for it the more he’ll appreciate it. I watched the movie “Bridesmaids” and even though Entertainment Weekly gave it an “A” I would not.

It was definitely cute and funny but I found Kristen Wiig’s character pretty pathetic and draining. I too, would stop taking her calls. I found her character to be a self-absorbed downer. I was rooting for the “villan” character. The one you were supposed to hate because she was so perfect. I’m so far from perfect it’s not even funny but at least I try to be decent. Wiig’s character was a bit of a pity party and the deplorable way she let her self be treated by a man “I really want you to go.” Was unbelievable…Or so I thought. I didn’t guys were getting some in L.A. for a latte so what do I know?

All in all, it was a cute enough movie but the movie is not what got me excited. Urban Decay has come out with a sumptious Urban Bride kit.

Perfect no-brainer for a bridal shower gift for the bride-to-be (or from the bride-to-be as a thank-you to her bridesmaids.) Mother of the brides would love this too. Any woman would love it. It is filled with Urban Decay’s must-haves!

“If you’re looking for something “new” to give your favorite bride, lavish her with this decadent gift-ready box of travel-sized products designed to keep her looking exquisite all day (and night, wink wink). It contains:
• Razor Sharp Ultra-Definition Finishing Powder to diffuse lines for a flawless airbrushed look.
• Urban Decay’s best-selling original formula Eyeshadow Primer Potion (full-sized) and Supercurl Curling Mascara to keep her eyes looking fresh.
• Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Midnight Cowboy to give bare and lightly colored lips a sensual, come-hither shine or electrify darker lipcolor with more texture.
• All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to ensure her look stays put for 16 incredible hours.”

All of those items have rated as favorites on Since we’re coming into wedding season it’s really the perfect debut.

Who’s with me that this kit has a fabulous array of Urban Decay must-haves? Which is your favorite. Also, I know we have a lot of Meg Head’s on here that are younget then me so-what’s the deal? Is dinner really over? You’re just doing casual meet-ups now? I really am high-maintenance? Let me know!

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