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urbandecayholidaysetI am in denial: Goddess Granny is not EVEN close to feeling that Holiday spirit. It’s 70 degrees, the sun is shining, the damn perky music is playing, but it simply feels like the ‘joy filled days” are simply something that MUST be weeks away and not right around the corner? I haven’t started to hyper-ventilate yet and have sworn to have all my shopping done by the week’s end. Even doing most of it online is a struggle and I’m not sure why except that I’m just having trouble as a consumer narrowing down the choices for a purchase because there is simply too much of everything to choose from!

Say you want to buy a sweater for someone: can’t begin to list the many colors, styles, prices and qualities you have to pick from….multiply that choice by the number of gifts you “need” to buy and you too will be reaching for a bottle of something with a high alcohol content Kiss! While I do think it’s marvelous that we live in a product and image-driven age that gives us everything in the world at our fingertips, I for one also break out into hives at the thought of having to guess if something I want to give as a personal gift will be “nice enough” or “right” at any price.

I tend to be a bit of an old school shopper and stick to those brands and items I KNOW from first hand experience will never fail to delight! When you give a gift with confidence in the company and product, you just know you’ve got it covered in style.

Getting back on that gorgeous silver and purple “Urban Decay” bus here my Darlin’s! You know I think this company can do no wrong but wow, they have done something really right with their “Hall of Fame” gift set….I received one of these to review and you could have heard the squeal across the county. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always thrilled to get mail but you have gotta’ get extra-excited when you know you’ve got gold, right? For starters, the packaging (yes, I am a ‘ho for packaging) is adorable. Shiny and sassy with a bit of that rocker bad-ass urban chic UD does so well. It’s substantial and wrap-able and I guarantee that any hottie on your gift list would be THRILLED to be on the receiving end of this set. Now I’m wondering if Adam Lambert uses UD!  (yep, he laid a huge smooch on a guy last night during the AMA awards and I bet his gloss never even smudged!)

Back to the box and out of my fantasy: you get an XL sized “genie bottle” of the oh so amazing and coveted “Primer Potion” for eyes and peeps, the price of the set covers this alone! I am guessing 95% of you have tried it and loved it…I think it’s one of those holy-grail items that everyone who uses makeup must try and many won’t ever give it up. So you have that…THEN, there are the stinkin’ cutest mini-sized “Skyscrapper” black mascara which I hadn’t tried before and LOVE, a lipstick in “Urban Cowboy” that’s the perfect beige-shimmer and the must-have or I’ll die “Pocket Rocket” lip gloss in “Timothy” an amazing glossy redish-coral. OH….and did I mention there’s also a mini “24/7” eye pencil in blackest-black “Zero?” Allure magazine awarded it the “Best Eye Pencil” for 2009 and I absolutely agree! Anyone can get smokey, beautiful eyes in seconds with a swipe of this little gem.

I don’t know about you but I have more than a few special people that I want to give a little something to without making my plastic smoke: this kit looks SO good and  MUCH more than it costs: $29.00 flippin’ dollars, a $54.00 dollar value.What’s not to love? You know you’re giving something that they’ll enjoy and if they don’t like one of the items, maybe they’ll re-gift it back to you! I’ll take gently-used UD any day myself, sure beats a “Snuggie”-right? Okay…no flaming from the Snug-ettes in the crowd.  This set costs about the same and has a helluva’ lot more going for it!

I think we’re all looking to make those pennies go a bit further this season and I’ve already bought several of these sets to have on hand so get them while you can!

You can’t find it on the UD website but Sephora is offering it-it’s exclusive to them and you can buy it here:

Buy It Here!

So spill it: wouldn’t you rather have something oh so adorable and sexy from the amazing elves at “Urban Decay” for yourself or to give as a gift or would you get giddier over say a “Snuggie?”

Who is loving this set of bestseller’s? Urban Decay is a favorite around here so I am sure their favorites are going to be flying off the shelves!

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