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Meg here! I’m back from New York Fashion Week and getting set to bring you some Emmy coverage! This has been a very busy week. I’m also getting caught up on Makeup Points so just hang in there!

Urban Decay has always been new, fresh and “thinking out of the box.” When their fabulous PR manager Tammy Bartel asked me to meet her at Lincoln Center for Fashion Week, I knew to expect the unexpected.

In true UD fashion, there was no typical set up as this is not your typical company. While other make up brands hid behind the runway curtains, Urban Decay took their beauty directly to the streets. The streets and the belly’s of those attending. For a week catered to the uber fashion and their diets of caffeine and cigarettes, Urban Decay was serving up gourmet pizza from a sidewalk’s food truck.

Before I stuffed my face, I was able to put Tammy on the spot and get her insider “must haves” for Spring. What were her recommendations to mimic the glowing looks coming down the runway? Her expert picks were also choices that we loved when we reviewed them here on

Urban Decay Afterglow Cheek Tints made the cut! No surprise here. I reach for mine all the time. A little swipe on the apples of the checks, a 2 second blending motion and I’m as fresh as the morning dew. Love it!

Urban Decay Honey Infused Lip Love! This is a product even the most undone, unmade au naturale ladies swoon over! I have had a boy even steal mine when his lippies were feeling a bit parched. Ultra moisturizing with the most subtle hint of sheen color. Another “love-ly” choice.

Urban Decay Brow Box I don’t know why I can’t find our review of this but it’s stressing me out because this is one of my most favorite items ever! I absolutely die for it. It gives me amazing brows, the wax compartment built right in is genius and the color naturally perfect. One of my personal “musts!” Plus, how cute is that case?

WHAT WE FORGOT IN THE AMBUSH VIDEO!!!  Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer! This product glides on, perfect coverage and SPF? It’s not just a must for spring but for anytime of the year. It’s just (as all UD items are) fabulous! The good news?!? Make sure in your profiles that your skin tone is all up to date because we’ll be getting a bunch for makeup points so how amazing is that?!

I had my pizza and it fueled me for hours. I had a fabulous time in NYC but now I’m playing some catch up here for West Coast events! What Urban Decay item is your must have?! Also Thank-you!! Tammy!!

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