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The glamorous and sexy badgirl that is Tammy from Urban Decay caught me off guard when she said that Megsmakeup should try “Clean and Sober”.
We’re clean but sober? Did she not get her audiance? I had heard her clearly up until that point in our conversation. Once she dropped that bomb all I heard was “blahblahbla” like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

I guess we could try a sober mailing. True, sometimes I can forget a digit on a zip code in between bellini sips. But that just doesn’t seem as fun. Our mailings are like a combination of Christmas and a cocktail party. I couldn’t believe Tammy would suggest such a thing! Who was this new woman! Where was our fun badgirl!

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I opened the box Miss Tammy sent. “Clean and Sober” was Urban Decay’s new make-up remover. Phew! Now everynight I get clean and sober and don’t have to stop imbibing! Simply Genius!

Here’s what Urban Decay says about their Clean and Sober Makeup Remover..“What it is:Sweep away your daily transgressions with Urban Decay’s soothing gel-based makeup remover.What it is formulated to do:Mild cleansers, coupled with botanicals like jasmine, sacred lotus, and manuka honey effortlessly dissolve makeup, while a touch of lavender scent provides much needed serenity. The oil-free formula leaves skin soft and refreshed and won’t irritate eyes, leaving you free to explore your other vices”.

Ladies please post if Urban Decay’s Clean and Sober was anything but a buzzkill!

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