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multiLike many of us, there are and will always be a handful of “great loves” in my life: you know who and or what they are because for whatever reason, they leave their mark on your heart or your style and whatever else may come along is subsequently gauged by their effect! Goddess Granny won’t bore you with the details of my personal list but I am here to declare that the “Urban Decay” company IS one of the “great loves” of my beauty-life and continues to impress and delight me year after year!

Who can live without SOMETHING this trendy but always classy group of genius-beauty lovers create? I have a long list of favorites but “Midnight Cowboy” has been with me for years as have many of their eye shadows, lip glosses, (Have you SEEN the newest “Lip Junkie” shades? TDF!) and their “Surreal Skin” foundation is never far from my reach! The marketing is amazing, the models used to demo the latest looks are divine, and every season Urban Decay is on the top of the best makeup artist lists of “must have’s” to create  looks that are never average and always red-carpet worthy!

I simply can’t get dressed for an evening out anymore without a pouf of their “Marshmallow” flavored body powder to add some shimmer and glam and it’s been my number one perfect no-brainer gift for a couple of years. I receive some really wonderful things to review. I am always a bit more excited when I see that familiar edgy purple graphic packing. I KNOW whatever is inside will be good! 10 years in a highly competitive market has only enhanced Urban Decay’s ability to shine and the fact that they believe,“It’s pretty. Maybe a little twisted but never prissy” allows their products to be “Feminine, dangerous and FUN!” Who doesn’t want to be all that PLUS the fact that it’s a vegan company who has earned tons of respect from all in the biz for their exemplary practices! Be still my heart…

Recently Urban Decay knocked it out of the ballpark yet again with a FABULOUS line of brushes: nothing average about these-they are vegan and cruelty-free. The hard working, skin loving bristles are actually made from recycled PET plastic bottles! They say “You can keep your good KARMA without sacrificing performance” I totally agree! The brushes are reasonably priced and the line includes some really unique styles that everyone needs in their beauty arsenal! They cany be used wet or dry and each brush is specific to it’s use by name and function. There is no guesswork or need to use a glitchy “live chat” website to learn what to do with one. I want them all because they are SO pretty but the two shown above “Good Karma Blending Brush” and “Good Karma Multi Tasker Brush” are truly unique. I suggest trying these first if you only have room for a couple more things to love in your life or makeup bag!

Fall 2010 eye looks will be a cinch with the “Blending Brush” as it’s designed to sweep the color and leave it blended right where you place it the first time rather than to lay it down like a traditional shadow-brush and have to use another brush to blend. This is SO perfect for darker shades especially because you literally can get that smoke right on the first sweep rather than have it get messy when you re-blend. I haven’t experienced another shadow brush that handles like this one and nothing covers a “big area” like it so it’s also a huge time saver and the softness allows one to do those “layered color” looks in all the magazines like a pro!

If you are new to good brushes and/or you’d only consider adding one to your collection,their “Multi Tasker” brush IS the one to try! It’s a small, flat, semi-soft creation that can literally used for shadow, eyeliner, lips and concealer with great results! It’s precise and easy to manage, sleek and perfectly balanced in the hand. If I lose mine, I shall cry because I am using it for everything-everyday! Again, it’s a very unique tool that’s nothing like any other brush I have…It’s ability to do the work of several others has given it the PRIME spot on my vanity and this little gem is my newest favorite “thing” for sure!

Having the right “tool” for any job makes ALL the difference and using great brushes to apply your makeup results in perfection! I can’t imagine being without Urban Decay’s brushes again: even the packaging is adorable-recycled egg crates are molded into sexy dark lil’ boxes. They’re purple foil stamped and WAY too cute to toss…Urban Decay has really outdone themselves with this line of brushes ! Amazing quality for the price, they simply cannot be beat! Good karma galore is always a plus!Kiss

Be “good to your face” as the boxes suggest and be prepared to fall in love with these beautiful brushes that are a joy to use!

I couldn’t possibly get my glam on without my “tools!” Once you have a few brushes that do the work for you, every look you might want to try becomes possible.  I know y’all love Urban Decay so tell us if you’ve tried their brushes and which ones are you dying to have in your makeup bag?

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