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urbandecaycrush“It’s just a little crush, not like I faint every time we touch…” (1998 by Jennifer Paige)

Before the current bunch of pop princesses, we had our own catchy little tunes in the 80’s and Goddess Granny remembers this song because…well…who among us HASN’T had a “crush” on someone at one time or another? I was deep the the middle of one when this song hit and although I did get at least a night with the man of my obsession, the thought of it all turned out to be a lot more rewarding than the reality! I still get “crushes” but they are very innocent these days…sort of. Most of the time…

I was watching a marathon of “Sex In The City” the other evening (oh how I MISS the girls!) and it seemed like the subject of love, un-requited, all-consuming, or otherwise occupied just about all of these lady’s lives when they weren’t having lunch or shopping? I think we’re all just hard-wired into the essence love itself by nature and no matter who or what or how we “love”, it’s what has the power to make us smile and BLUSH, right?

I have admitted it before and will continue to shout it from the rooftops: I LOVE Urban Decay and everything they create! Since I discovered this line, I take more risks when it comes to my own look and I have literally stood in Sephora and Ulta and promoted/sold Urban Decay products. No, I don’t work for either place! I simply can’t help myself when I’m standing there (usually trying to find what is fresh and unique in the marketplace…) and notice the panic many people have when they try to choose a new product on their own. I understand, it can be overwhelming, expensive and not without risk! I guess I have that “Do you work here?” look about me because 99% of the time,someone asks me what I think of a product and I am off and running. I ask what they want to achieve and how much they know about the art of beauty. Without fail, I start to gravitate towards the UD section because honestly, I know these products SO well that I’m confident there’s something for everyone in the line!

When the “Pocket Rocket” lip glosses first came out (and yes, I had one before the stores did, thank you Meg!)I just about caused a sell-out on a Saturday afternoon due to my “crush” on one of the men featured on the applicator! It’s a real beauty-coup when a delightful young man buys three to share with the people in his life!Kiss

Whether or not you are currently in love, lust or “crushing” on someone, you CAN and MUST get your “Afterglow” on asap with the new Urban Decay “Afterglow Glide On Cheek Tints!”. I was over the moon when the highlighters may with a similar formula came out and wondered why this amazing no-cake, no-fade, no-brainer of a product didn’t yet come in COLORS that could be used as a blush? Well…now it does and the shades are AMAZING and PERFECT! These gorgeous little compacts with the sexy-snake embossed in gold contain the secret to THE most natural,effortless,and beautiful glow you could wish for. I mean you’d have to work REALLY hard at it to come close any other way Surprised! They contain the skin-loving vitamins and vegan-goodness that we know Urban Decay is famous for. These tints look rather bold in the pan but you can touch, tap, blend and control the application to your heart’s content! I have tried them alone on foundation, with a dusting of powder over and here’s a rare treat. On TOP of foundation and powder and there’s not a single sign of anything that you don’t want to happen. There is nothing but silky light coverage and believable,buildable,gorgeous and sheer cheek color! You really don’t even need a mirror because they are SO natural and easy to wear! No shimmer or sparkle, just that legendary “Afterglow!”

My absolute favorites shade is “Crush” and it’s on the top of SO many beauty editor’s “must have” lists for Spring 2011 that I suggest you score yours now. It’s the bold hot- pink pictured above but when applied,leaves you with that freshly-flushed look that just screams youthful and pretty to the world! I have even tapped a bit on my lips for a pink pout and again, there is nothing else on the market that shares this Urban Decay unique formula. I don’t know how they make their magic but they have me under their spell….again!

I am crushing BIGTIME on these “Afterglow Glide On Cheek Tint’s” . It’s going to be hard to top this for my go-to cheek color anytime soon…

Check out all the yummy shades and get your own “Afterglow” on here!

I’m loving my current “Crush” but also feel the need for a “Quickie” and a “Bang” so I’m planning on being stuck on this product for the long haul! Beautifully flushed cheeks are prominent in EVERY runway look for Spring 2011. I’m usually not a big “blush person”,  Urban Decay has shot their arrow straight though my heart with this product. I actually panicked he other day when I couldn’t find my current “Crush” in my handbag…addiction much?

Are you also wanting to add a little excitement to your cheeks with one of the fabulous Urban Decay “Glide On Cheek Tint’s?” Which shade has you lusting for more?

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