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urbandecayconcealerHave a safe ride home Whitney.

Hate this time of the year: post Holidays, pre anything exciting and weird weather/people that seem to be affecting us all! Goddess Granny likes to know what the day ahead holds in store although I do consider myself flexible, I’m just really ready for fresh and fun to begin right about now! It’s too early to pop on a flowered sundress and too late for lace up wooly-boots so I guess I’ll have to be content with changing up my nail and lip color in hopes of entertaining myself and inducing a little bit of wow for now!

I also hate all these “Flash Air Fare/Cruise Sale” emails that almost force me to click on them in hopes that this MAY be the one time I actually nail one of the two available “lowest price ever!” deals they announce: nothing like a change of scenery to pull you through the dull-times and one of these days I’ll be the girl who nailed that all-inclusive for $49.99 a night! Although I embrace the pasty most of the time, I can honestly say that my poor complexion could SO use a bit of dare I say “warmth and evening out” because it seems like the effects of central-heat have me scrambling to make pretty in the am lately with lots to hide…

Do you know there are groups dedicated to “finding beauty in the disrepair and decrepitude” that defines the term “Urban Decay?” Well we here at already KNOW where the beauty lies and it’s in every single incredible product they create! Y’all already know they are one of my favorites and that I embarrass my friends when we go to Sephora because I go on and go about the liners, the shadows, the pencils and ALL of the darn products on the shelf! Not sure there is much more I personally can own BUT leave it to this iconic brand to come out with JUST the thing to pull us through until warmer breezes and pink cheeks again prevail: their new “24/7 Concealer Pencils” yet again owned me from “Hello Beautiful!”

Available in an unheard of range of 8 shades, these chubby little handfuls of amazing “eat your heart out Crayola” pencils glide on like all of their sisters in the “24/7” range of products with precision and smoothly-perfect coverage and set to a flawless matte finish that lasts like no other! No more pots and brushes, dabbers and tubes, fingers and sponges: you simply uncap your choice of “24/7 Concealer” and dot, draw, highlight or conceal wherever and however, blend effortlessly and there you are! You already know the formula is vegan and pure because i’s Urban Decay and I just LOVE The fact that it’s portable and airplane-friendly and fabulous! You could actually get by just using this on a good day and if you use a shade lighter to highlight and a shade darker to contour? You might well be on your way to impressive!

I do highly suggest buying the companion sharpener which IS “the best”out there,UD’s “Grindhouse Sharpener” because there is nothing worse than loving a product and then watching it clog up and break in a bad sharpener: this one has two sizes so you can use it on everything and it’s really cute because it has a little “scrapper too” so you don’t need to make a mess of things.I always pop something I need to sharpen in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up before peeling and I think it makes a big difference with less waste!

UD’s “24/7 Concealer”
has to be one of the best things about Spring 2012 so far for me! I love that I can use in the car or bar and that it does the trick without a second thought! The formula is perfection and I can’t imagine how UD manages to keep packing those beauty-punches into portable glam that makes us all not only keep on loving them, but also dying for more!

Buy your 24/7 Concealer here because we ALL have a little something to hide:

Grindhouse Sharpener super cool dual-chambered sharpener is available here!

Be sure to notice that there is FREE SHIPPING if you include a tube of the spectacular “Lip Love” in your order and I think the tropical-pink shade “Lolita” just screams Spring!

Packaging matters to me but so does portable! Do you need and love a good concealer too and isn’t it great to have one that  works on the run and that lasts for hours?

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