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noslipMegken here – Growing up we all had that want for that little something that our friends had as a kid and our parents wouldn’t buy us. Envy, Number 6 of the seven deadly sins, I can’t shake even into adulthood.  There were all those things I never got as a kid: Super-Elastic-Bubble-Plastic, Slip’n-Slide and that Evil Knievel motorcycle toy. Today I still think how much fun it would have been to own a Krazy-Kar. I hope someone will get smart and start producing one in an adult size.

Devo’s “Whip It” was on the radio, it was the early 80’s and the Rubik’s Cube was all the rage at my summer camp. I never wanted one, it was too frustrating. I was envious that my brother could solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 5 minutes.  There’s that Number 6 again!

Camp was where my first kiss took place, maybe a little more but pretty void of home-runs.  I remember it like it was yesterday as our pubescent bunk of 12 kids unpacked their summer clothes and sundries into cubbies.  When Eban, not Evan, a half Middle Easterner, quarter American and the rest Neanderthal unpacked his stuff we took notice. 

Eban was larger than the rest of us kids and much hairier; he got hit with puberty ahead of all of us. He said he started shaving his mustache at age 8. I felt like the George to his Lenny. We weren’t friends until our late teens. As “Missing Link” unpacked his standard items on the list-flashlight, canteen the rest… All of the kids looked on.  Excuse me for sounding a bit mean but I was much smaller than he was and he deserves this. He tried to give me swirlies, short-sheeted my bed and gave me a wedgie; writing this is sort of my revenge albeit, decades later.

The rest of the bunk was in awe when he started unpacking the things a bit more interesting, a large buck knife, rappelling rope and then the highlight, something he referred to a “zit-popper”.  He held it up high with the pride of an actor winning an Oscar.  The boys look on in amazement. Some laughed, others doubted the validity of the product’s claimed purpose. It was a little metal tool with tiny holes on either side, one smaller than the other. He said, “It’s like popsicle stick with holes in it.” I didn’t think it was anything like a popsicle stick.

I never came across the “zit-popper” in the almost 30 years since camp. It’s not like I feel comfortable asking for it in Save-On, nor would I know where to look. However, the other day at Nordstrom’s Rack,  I saw that little piece of my envy-history that has lived within me from that first day of summer camp.  Shocking enough it was not called a “zit-popper” it was called a “Tweezerman No Slip Skin Care Tool”. 
More shocking it is not for zits but it’s a “Specialized skin care tools feature a thin angled loop to gently roll out white heads and a flat side to press out blackheads.” Aren’t white heads, umm zits?  There it was in my hands…finally, my own “No Slip Skin Care Tool”. It’s not that fun a name but it is mine.  I own it now in fact it was a gift from Meg! Thanks, Meg.

I washed my face with warm water and set forth on my extraction adventure. This is the first time I was actually hoping for blemishes and other abnormalities on my cheeks, forehead and beak.  Like Harry Potter I use my own “No Slip Skin Care Tool” as a magic wand making blackheads vanish. I felt like a miner digging for coal, pulling out black heads from the deepest pores on my face.  It was much more fun then when I tried the Elmer’s glue.  The only suggestion I have for the Tweezerman “No Slip Skin Care Tool” is an even smaller opening.  I like to get right in there to clear out even the smallest pours.  They are sold out on the Tweezerman site so I guess lots of people are having fun with the DIY facial fun. I have had some amateur esthetician sessions where Meg performed extractions with the fingernail technique but I like this tool much better.

What are your ways to clear out those really deep clogged pours? Have you tried this Tweezerman “No Slip Skin Care Tool”? What beauty tips did you learn from camp? Anyone else with a hairy bunk mate?

I found it here In Stock on Amazon!

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