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Meg here! I hop everyone is managing to keep warm. I think we could use a little global warming right about now! We’ve only been one month into the new year and already things are speeding up-not heating up unfortunately!

I was asked my The TV Guide Networks “The Fashion Team” on what I thought some new fun (and funny) innovative beauty products for 2011 were.

I filmed in Hollywood at our good friend Napoleon Perdis’s Makeup Academy and here is the skinny on the products I picked.

Can you drink your collagen shots? The jury is out but there is a bunch of buzz on taking collagen supplements or drinking it. The body loses collagen as we age in our hair and skin so is it true that you are what you eat? I wanted to see what products woman are swearing by and my research turned up an interesting bio-cell collagen juice called Jusuru. I thought it may be interesting to talk a little about anti-aging from the inside out.

Washing your face with your hands is o-u-t! Or is it? I had to bring on Bliss’s Pore-Factor Gadget. Is 2011 the year of the space age family? If you suffer fro large pores then you may want to give this item a second glance. This is an item that really gets in there to wash out the pores. then it applies the toner. Is it better than your favorite wash cloth? Some pore sufferer’s swear by it, I’m giving it a shot but I’m not tossing the washcloth!

Morrocan Oil -V- Zakias Argan Oil, the challenge! I enlisted some of my formerly devoted Morrocan Oil friends to make the switch. All of them are now devoted Zakias Argan Oil fans. Argan oil works better, has more uses and produces quicker results. We love it on our skin, we love it on our face, we love it on our hair, it is a miracle for cuticles and IT’S ON SALE HERE! Holy Grail Item!“Say No To Baggage!”-Napoleon Perdis. I was up the entire night before this early morning shoot! I was nervous and there wasn’t a xanax to be found. I had way less then a good nights rest. After my shower, while I dried my hair and before I clipped in my muppet (my clip in hair.) I opened up one of the packs of Napoleon Perdis Energizing Eye Masks while I did all my prep work and before I put on my makeup. I was so afraid to see this clip but if you didn’t know any better, I really don’t think that you can tell I got NO SLEEP the night before. Napoleon and his magic have done it again!

I hope you like my picks and please keep toasty! Which of these items would you be most willing to give a try?xoxoox Meg

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