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here! With the onset of warm weather, makeup counters are bulging with gentle shades to replicate the season.  Unfortunately, the wildly popular “sea” tones are everywhere—yellow, pale blue, and green, among others.  They are difficult to wear without looking freakish.  This mermaid wanna-be is becoming increasingly annoyed!
At my age (twenty-one!), I refuse to purchase golden eyeshadows at high prices.  They can leave me looking like I have Jaundice.  Lime green?  This mimics moss growing on my eyes.  Light blue?  If you are fifteen, it does wonders.  Otherwise, the result may throw you right back into the 60’s.  Complete this look with a teased-hair bouffant and go-go boots.  Oh, and don’t forget frosted white lipstick.

What’s a woman to do to keep up?  Wait!  Lean toward your computer and listen.  Great–do you hear the late Bob Marley softly crooning “No Woman No Cry?”  There is hope.  There is an amazing line available from Tropez Cosmetics.  I found it in a Rite Aid in Ohio; Tropez can also be bought at Duane Reed, K-Mart, Walgreen’s, and other drugstores.
You can actually purchase a few items for under ten dollars and have change.  Remember change?  That is actually money left in your wallet.  The true thrill is that these are some of the most blendable, lovely shadows I’ve used.  I purchased a quad with the aforementioned colors from the “Opposites Attract” compacts available.  At $2.99, why not?  I expected little and received much!  Saffron, robin-egg blue, willow, and ecru glide on gently—not to worry; these are not just for teens.  They are subtly flattering.  Stunned, I picked up the “Sunrise to Sunset” palettes. Six shadows will make over your new look and leave you beautiful for a mere $3.99.

These are finely milled and mix well, even if you’re “all thumbs.”  They last a long time, especially with primer.  The hues are unique and fascinating; Tropez combines matte shadows and those with a playful, delicate sheen.  The “Sunrise to Sunset” kit in “Bali Blue” includes variations of indigo, champagne, and taupe.  The sooty deep blue made me weak in the knees.  I also fell in love with the “Olive Oasis” kit.  Gentle greens are tempered with an undertone of gold, with lush brown to contour and line eyes and a champagne to highlight browbones or use as a base.  “Maui Mauve” remains unopened—too much ectasy in one week for me!
You may think I’ve lost my mind, but au contraire. I have put aside a Givenchy palette given to me by a friend at Christmas ($55.00).  Ten gold, brown, and green-brown colors are striking in the compact, but lack pigment and I find them frustrating.  I’ll take “Olive Oasis” any day. The effect is nothing less than softly stunning.
My heart began to beat wildly.  Tropez sells brushes—yes, brushes (deep breath, Gigi) in a small, portable case for $1.99.  They may not be what a professional uses, but two very fine ones make lining a breeze, a stiff-bristled one enhances contouring, and a larger brush spreads shadow over your entire lid with ease.
The only complaint I have is that a mirror is not included with the quad; the other has a small one, but otherwise I’m excited. No, I’m giddy at this deal! Tropez has created items which are at once “gilty” and completely guilt-free to take you into the season looking fresh and updated.  One more thing:  Please tell me that you didn’t actually lean toward your computer.  My students laughingly tease me by saying, “Mrs. D., you’re ‘whacked!’”  Out of the mouths of babes . . .

Who else loves the feel of Tropez without having to leave home?


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