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happynewyearWell, another Christmas has come and gone without incident: perhaps this Goddess Granny really IS getting “older and wiser” or perhaps the drama of others really IS simply becoming less important? Hoping you had a great time no matter where, with whom, or how your celebrated or not but I for one and really to move on to a New Year!

It’s funny: I’m one of those creatures who absolutely allows herself the thrill of a clean-slate when I pin up a new calendar with great satisfaction (mine is vintage Marilyn Monroe this year BTW) and I get all giddy not making resolutions but rather making PLANS for what I’d like to have happen, where I’d like to go, and how I’d like to continue to grow and learn as well as how I might chose look in a brand New Year!

It’s fun to spend a bit of time daydreaming and I actually start a little folder with clippings from magazines, post-it notes, and pictures of how best to reinvent, improve, and continue to enjoy this life as we know it!

One of the things I get a kick out of doing in Dec. is to start checking out what’s “in” in terms of fashion and makeup in the new season ahead: I am a maven for color and style as it relates to all things artistic and to me, makeup is “art” in that one can as well we know, create a persona that washes off and indulge in every fantasy through the mediums of product and creativity! I am in awe of what’s I’ve been finding in terms of the latest and greatest “looks” for the Spring 2010 makeup market and without making either myself (or y’all!) too crazy with the considerable options I’ve noted. I’ll share a few tidbits/trends I think might be worth checking out: I’m not going to note names or promote specific products or lines but rather to give my generic-version of some of the options we “artists” might decide to paint ourselves with in the New Year in terms of “looks” I’ve picked up on!

Fresh elegance aka the “Mad Men” look: This is for all us “pinup girls” who CRAVE the look of the 1940’s but would never have the time to make the look work: red lips are still HUGE so find that shade that screams SEXY asap! Keep the rest of the face clean and simple (of course, taking care of your skin is first in any look!) and add only a bit of simple shimmer and some lashes to really amp up the style! Fresh-faced but those lips will seduce!

I personally think this look never really goes “out” but the red is absolutely “allowed” continuing into Spring 2010…

“Palm Beach Retro”:
Sort of a 1980’s a bit over the top look but toned town thanks to new tech and products available: faux-tanned skin or warmed with a light bronzer is paired with coral lips! Not your Granny’s coral but a sheer wash of that reddish-pink shade that flatters almost all! Again light shimmer for accent and soft metallic golds/browns in eyeshadows to contrast. Sheer washes of gilded-gold highlight. Nothing heavy or gaudy please…just a trust-fund baby look that is beachy and sexy without much effort! Polished nudes and naturals abound with just that pop of coral.

“Gothy Ballerina/Boudoir Goes into Battle”
: Probably my personal fav although I DO think I’ll dip my brushes into ALL the looks I’ve been scanning out. Fair skin combined with those omni-present but in a new way with more browns  nude-lips. Lots of emphasis on the eyes and sometimes, a POP of a bright colorful shadow just to add some interest and shock-contrast to the rather sophisticated and I’d say still a bit “Twilight” inspired look…messy buns and yes, dark nail polish is still on the 2010 runways along with new shades of brown-based taupe and cement grey. Eye-liner is still around but more precisely applied.

Because I’m going to “morph” my own look into more of a rocker-chic meets cool cowgirl look in 2010, I think I’ll have some fun with this trend…which brings me to Chanel’s latest runway show: I HAD to giggle at the “theme” of this one although I rely on Chanel heavily to produce the (usually) most coveted and trend-setting/original/most copied looks in many seasons. I’m not saying they are my fav, just saying that that are usually copied and embraced by many-with good reasonKiss

“Urban Girl Going To The Farm”:
As a city-girl married to a rancher I literally giggled out loud at this new “trend” and if you Google the 2010 Spring show, you’ll see that they actually created a “barn” of sorts in which to showcase their fabulous take on “Bardot meets Marie Antoinette!” This is so over the top chic in my opinion. Slightly disheveled with a couture “roll in the hay” feel to it all: again they show lots of nudes and naturals without any of the “dirty girl” dark smudgy-shadows  we’ve been seeing for a while but rather the face is open and polished with no one feature in a real emphasis. This takes more work than one would assume to perfect and pull off and I predict that their 2010 “Les Impressions” makeup collection will be a sell-out because it’s VERY wearable but with a new “brown/greyed” feel to it we haven’t seen in a while!

I’m “feeling” the notes of shorter, more rounded nails (with avid exclamations that french manicures are OUT beyond words! Can I/we truly give them up?) with either putty-beige or dark polish and messy bunned or softly ruffled hair to complete the look…color trends in hair are rather bold: there are chunky streaks with contrast in unique tones and the “natural” look of color is being edged-out by something more expressive that truly sets the wearer apart! It’s as if one might chose to focus on that one special something in their look that no one else shares and you get to be the designer!

Overall I’d say it’s a free for all for Spring 2010 and a potpourri of color and styles out there to try: it’d be hard to go “wrong” with a new look as there are so many to choose from, no one “clear trend” screams out to me so take a bit of time and see if you also find some new thing to add a bit of 2010 WOW to your look!

What’s “out” for you and what do you think you’d like to embrace as a fresh new change in your look for Spring 2010 makeup?

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