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Gigi here! My fear of having a wrinkled face or throat—a.k.a. my dreaded “Turkey Neck”—has its origins in childhood.  I am elated not to have crows’ feet or frown lines.  Unfortunately, three repugnant horizontal creases mar my neck, also inherited but unwanted (a mix of good and bad genes from both parents).
Rewind to third grade:  My mother had made me a beautiful dress with a white Peter Pan collar to wear on the day my Catholic school had pictures taken of the students.  I still recall wriggling around, attempting to push the pique fabric up to hide my imperfections.  What stopped me was a very impatient photographer who screamed, “Hey Red, quit playing around and stop squirming!”  The shade of my face replicated my hair color.
One year later, at age ten, I found myself standing in our silent lunch line in the cafeteria.  Talking was not permitted until we received our stew made from unknown animal parts or chicken with all of the trimmings, feathers included!  We were arranged alphabetically, and Gigi Sommers stood two people in front of her boyfriend and love, Tom Townsend (name changed to protect the love-struck).  It was my time to shine.  I undid the first button of my uniform blouse and seductively slid the strap of my plaid jumper slightly down my shoulder.  I stood in a model’s hesitation pose, being sure to hide my throat but still resemble Raquel Welch in “Barbarella” or Bridget Bardot in “And God Created Woman.”  I knew he was looking—I felt it.  And then my academic life as I knew it in this particular school came to a swift end.
Two girls at the beginning of the line were whispering, and our nun, with full, long taffeta habit and veil, decided to run and halt their words to spare them from the wrath of hell.  What she missed was my foot, toe pointed attractively.  In retrospect, the sound of the “whoosh” as the taffeta hit the tile was hysterical, but she thought that I had done it purposely.  I vaguely recall her screaming, “And you are supposed to be a nice girl!  I’ll make you a nice girl, Gigi Marie Sommers!” before she pummeled me into the ground, beating any and every part of my body until I fainted.  My parents had never hit us in any way, and I wound up transferred to a public school shortly thereafter.
My husband and I could purchase a summer home with the cash I’ve spent on serums and products for my wrinkle woes.  They seem to work initially, but I am always disappointed.  Since Meg has led us to Beauty Ticket and prices are ridiculously discounted, I’m considering it a discount/drugstore this week to share a product straight from Heaven itself—“Too Faced’s Extreme Wrinkle Filler” in a tube.   This is a multi-tasking miracle makeup primer.
The tube is clever, shaped like the barrel of an injection needle, with gradations as to quantity of product.  It claims to fill lines without the “ouch” of  Botox needles, and it works.  I am on my third tube, and the benefits! This is more viscous than a serum, with a light ecru appearance.  Unlike creams, there is absolutely no oily residue left behind to annoy or stain.  The unique formula is to be used under makeup where wrinkles are an issue, but I also find that applying over my entire face works as a foundation itself.  Wear is extended and greatly enhanced with a luminous appearance. Whether you wear makeup or not, this is a product that belongs in your vanity.  In my case, it remains in the top shelf—front and center—of my Sears Craftsmen professional huge red cart (meant for power tools and garage necessities but great housing for cosmetics), along with my divided bait and tackle boxes.  And some people feel I have a problematic fixation with makeup—how ridiculous!
Silicone immediately smooths away roughness.  Polymers fill in any unattractive crevices, while other ingredients stimulate the production of Collagen, shown in studies to be highly effective in the long-term battle against aging.  Mulberry Extract and Vitamin C brighten skin immediately.  How great is this?  It can be used on eyelids to prep them for shadow and allow dry or mature lids to handle shimmer products more naturally.  A warning from the Drugstore Deals reviewer yet again:  Always handle skin in this area quite gingerly, as it has no natural oil glands and is extremely vulnerable to damage!  “Turkey Neck” is far less noticeable with the initial use and continues to fade away (perfect timing, as I won’t be confused with the Butterballs to be sold this fall for Thanksgiving).
The price at Beauty Ticket?  Only $14.99, far better than the price of more than $26.00 where it is sold elsewhere.   Beauty Ticket, we love you!  For an item of this quality, it is a true bargain price.  I did the ultimate “test” and applied this to my hands, where creases are beginning to form.  And then I thought, “Creases, what creases?”  And yet another way to entice you:  The buttery-soft feel of your skin remains that way for hour upon hour, morning to night or the opposite.  Your skin’s surface will surpass the finest, most luxurious kid-glove leather you’ve ever felt.
I have only one complaint.  I like the syringe-like tube, but I wish Too Faced would sell this in an IV-sized bag!  Excuse me, as I need my “fix.”

What do you use to fill?

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