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Pimples and wrinkles, the bane of my existence. Well, at least my skin’s existence. My general existence is distributed by plenty of things: irresponsible pet owners, bad graphic design, the woman at the post office who insists on talking about her stamp collection when there are clearly people behind her who are in a hurry! But I’ll save that for another time…

Prior to my late 20’s, I never really thought you could have both pimples and wrinkles at the same time. In my teens I was wrinkle-less, of course, but I was also pretty pimple-less. But about 30 both hit me like a ton of bricks. I think I could have been better prepared if they came one after the other, in a timely and orderly fashion. Had I been a pimply teen, I might have been better prepared to be a wrinkly adult. But there’s no point in debating it with myself. It’s like the chicken or the egg-does it really matter? They’re both here now.

My husband likes to point my pimples out too. “you’ve got a spot,” he’ll say in his cute English accent. No, really? Where? Oh, I didn’t see that third eye bursting out of my forehead. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll alert the authorities. Seriously, I have 30+ bottles sitting on my vanity; do you not think there is some powerful yet invisible potion at work as you speak? I know I have a spot!!!

(On a separate note, I’ve put up a photo of my vanity on profile. It’s pretty. But also shows why Meg yells at me after I sneak off to Sephora to buy something. I do truly need help.)

So, where was I? Oh yeah-pimples and wrinkles, that winning combo. New products come out to fight wrinkles every day. Exciting new ingredients with brand new promises. But the pimple market is a bit stale. Benzol peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree oil-if your going the natural route-been there, done that. And most of them dry my skin out so that new pimples pop up in the exact same place I was treating. I want a new drug! Did I just quote Huey Lewis? See, I’m really upset.

Apparently, I’m not alone. When the box of ThermaClear’s came out at a mailing, you would have thought Meg was handing out diamonds. I’ve never seen such a reaction. “How many do we have?!” “Can I get one?” “Oh my god, I’m so excited!”

I’ve been hearing a lot about these. Could it really be? A new way to fight acne? Hot damn! Here’s what they say about their product…”Rather than applying medicine to the skin’s surface like topical treatments, ThermaClear’s Thermal Pulse Technology works by applying healing thermal energy to promote and precondition tissues for improving healing. With no medicines involved, ThermaClear heals without overdrying your skin. This small, hand-held medical device uses proprietary Thermal Pulse Technology™ to deliver a powerful, yet safe, pulse of heat that reaches deep beneath the skin’s surface to neutralize acne bacteria, eliminating pimples at their source. It’s similar to laser treatment technology dermatologists use to treat mild-to-moderate acne.”

To the lucky ladies who got this medical marvel to review (or if you’ve purchased this on your own) what did you think? Did ThermaClear clear your spots in half the time like they claim? Or are you singing 80’s songs out of despair?

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