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The outrageous yet sophisticated Lani and Marissa from theBalm sent Megsmakeup out some of their TimeBalm Concealer to test.

HOM (for those of you that don’t know, Husbandofmeg) can be a real curmudgeonly old man sometimes for his 29 years. Hapy Birthday HOM-he turns 29 today! Anyhow, HOM will say “You guys like too much. Look at this theBalm Stainiac review , how can everyone love it”? Umm, because it’s awesome. It’s hard to get 10 ladies to agree on anything never mind you a lip/cheek stain so rest assured our crash test dummies (i.e. brilliant reviewers) are truly tough customers. If we give something a 100 then sit up and take notice. We’re not afraid to speak our minds! They don’t call us the “makeup mafia” for nuthin so forgetabout it if we love it!

Can a company that’s built their brand around lip balms really have an edge up on the concealer market? Shouldn’t you just stick to your Holy Grail base product and play it safe? Marissa could probably retire on the following theBalm has behind her pucker potions. Why not just rest on those laurels for a bit?

I’m no psychic (actually that’s not true, weirdly enough, I am a tad bit psychic but no I have not won the lottery, you have to have a little faith people) my guess is Marissa wouldn’t put her name out there if she didn’t think she had a phenomenal product.

I had a BBQ at my house a few weeks back and guess what product everyone was raving about? Yup, call me Miss Cleo, I really should have some sort of prediction hotline, I was right again. “Meg, that Balm concealer is fantastic”. I kept hearing that all day.

Thinking back, I seem to remember Kate2004rock, who works at Sephora, raving about it a while back too. Kate’s tougher then Stalin so if she thinks something’s great…

Sorry HOM, we are tough, tough as nails but this broad can’t do wrong? What are we suppose to do?

Here’s what theBalm says about TimeBalm Concealer“These portable pots of smooth, blendable cream concealers banish under-eye circles and imperfections with ease. Great for daytime, nightime or bedtime, so you wake up looking fab! Dot on with fingertips or the handy sponge that’s included and fits snugly into the pot for go-anywhere touch-ups”.

Ladies please post if theBalm TimeBalm Concealer has made you want to try new things or if you’re sticking with your tried and true?

Buy It Here – THE BALM

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