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byeSweetassgal here with a little news that makes me equal parts sad and also elated.  I have been given a great opportunity in my career to not only cement my place within the company but to ride the wave of expansion that will put myself and my family in a place I’ve never been in my entire life…financially secure.  I am very happy because I love my job and am truly grateful even though it means a lot more travel and many, many more hours of work but my heart is heavy because it means I must bid Meg and my Meghead’s adieu for now.  Yes my lovelies…this will be my last Green Chi Tuesday!  That being said I want to take this opportunity to first of all thank our fearless leader Meg for giving me the opportunity to express myself with all of my craziness, odd ball humor and overall weirdness that my family and friends assure me is a part of my oh so quirky charm.  She has been my loving support, my muse and ultimately…my wonderful friend.  To those of you in the community that I have grown to love, I promise to lurk in the shadows and see how you are doing when I need a break from my current reality and submerge myself back in to the world that has sustained me these past three years.  Wow…three years.  I can hardly believe it as I type it.  So, you may ask…what exactly have I learned in my days as Sweetassgal?  Well, in my last official Green Chi Tuesday I’m going to tell you!
Sweetassgal’s Top 5 List of Best Green Chi Tuesday Advice –
# 5 – READ, READ, READ!  Labels are everything.  You wouldn’t buy a Chanel suit without looking at the label to make sure you are getting what you pay for so why would you buy a “natural” or “organic” beauty product without reading the label.  It’s buyer beware people and just because they cleverly market their product with lots of green leafy patterns and splashy eco words doesn’t mean it’s the real McCoy.  
#4 – “Green”
doesn’t HAVE to be expensive.  I know it seems like everything that boasts green, green, green adds and extra dollar sign or two but we have proven that sometimes a great natural product can be a simple and low cost option.  Don’t be fooled that a greater price tag always equals greater quality.  Case in point…Eco Tools.  Great product…affordable price tag!
#3 – Sometimes…green CAN be expensive.  This sounds like I’m “green” hyper manic up one second with my advice and down the next but occasionally you run across a natural and organic product or product line that is simply worth the cost.  When a product is certified and truly organic, genuinely does what it says it is going to do and lasts and last because the ingredients are so quality that they don’t have to add a lot of fillers and as such you use less…then it can be worth the extra cost.  Prive Concept Vert Rejuvenating Pure Shampoo and Conditioner leaps to the top of the “worth it” list.  As a curly girl this gave me beautiful curls each and every time and one bottle of each seriously lasted me FOUR months…and it’s refillable.  BRILLIANT!  Sometimes you do need that Chanel…other times Target will do just fine.
#2 – Cut yourself some slack! 
Strive for natural and organic but don’t hate yourself if you can’t give up a few Holy Grail items that might include some pesky parabens or slightly less than organic ingredients.  We can’t all be Gwyneth Paltrow or Cate Blanchett…occasionally into every girls makeup bag a little Wet and Wild must fall (ahem…Brandywine Lip Liner # 666 still the best cheap liner out there…TRUST ME!) so don’t feel bad if you aren’t Green Chi Perfect.  Just do me a favor and try your best to stay away from those that still test on animals.  Are you LISTENING L’Oreal!  Bunnies shouldn’t be the price of our beauty.
#1 – Beauty is an evolution
.  I’ve learned this as I’ve gone through the many stages of my life but in looking back…each stage has its own beauty.  Celebrate that natural beauty, revel in the stage of life you are in and most of all…never take it for granted because looking back with regret only causes you to lose out on the beauty that is the gift you have today.  Little knobby kneed girls should enjoy the simplicity of bangs and Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker, teenagers trapped somewhere between girls and women should worship their bodies and love themselves as they are because that kind of youth is spectacular but fleeting.  Young women in their twenties should take the big risks, experiment with fashion and make up and generally blow out all of the rules as this is the one time in life when the body you have ACTUALLY seems to match synergistically with the person emerging within.  Don’t waste a second and live it to the fullest.  To those in my age group…take care of yourself inside and out and don’t be afraid to put yourself first every once in a while.  Jobs, family, relationships, home…everything seems to come first.  Here’s a little nugget of gold advice…BE SELFISH from time to time and know the world will not fall apart without you for a few hours.  And finally…though I’m not there yet, take a little advice from Goddess Granny and never give up the fight!  Fifty and beyond is beautiful and regal and only you can be the person you are inside that shows on the outside.  I plan on taking this advice to the grave…and in doing so I’ll be 75 and meeting my maker in fire engine red lipstick, matching red high heels and hopefully wearing something so scandalous that my 28 year old boy toy can’t take his eyes off of me.  
So ladies…thank you again for all of the memories, for all of the advice and most of all for all of the friendships.  No where else have I found a community of women that are as loving , supportive, completely without judgment and just all around fantastic as the world Meg has created here.  I love you all dearly and hope I have contributed to a little weekly knowledge, sage advice, honest reviews and maybe even a rib tickle or two!  From Sweetassgal to you…GLAM ON and ON and ON!

Thank-you so much Angie! I love you! We all love you and even though we are so so proud of you…COME BACK!! Sorry, my co-dependence just kicked in. I meant… GOOD LUCK!! What is your most favorite “Green” product?

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