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I’ve recently read that Madonna’s tour rider (the list of demands that artists give to venues) includes a brand new toilet seat, still in plastic so she can have a handler install it for her. P. Diddy is known to never wear a pair of socks twice. JLO apparently demands that her coffee be only stirred counter- clockwise.

The life of a musician is an extravagant one, isn’t it? Tons of money, adoring fans, fresh socks. While many actors I’m sure lead the same charmed life, it’s the rock star who really knows how to live. And all I can ever think of when hearing stories like this is “wow, imagine the products they must use”!

I married a musician. We had a very sweet first year of courtship including a trip to his home in England. While some might be excited at the thought of going to Parliament or even shopping at Harvey Nichols, I was excited to snoop in his cabinets. I mean, he’s a man obviously so I didn’t think I’d find the same things as I would if I was dating a Spice Girl. But I was hoping my first glance into a rock star’s closet was going to be all that I dreamed of.

While he did have a motorcycle parked in his living room and lived next to Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran, his bathroom cabinet proved very unsatisfying. It’s not like he’s Elton John, I knew I wouldn’t find a line of his own gardenia scented candles, but jeez-I was hoping for a caviar face cream or even a gold plated tooth brush! What did he have? Boots No. 7 shampoo and a few bars of ivory soap!

So I knew from that moment on I was going to have to live out my own rock star product fantasies. And I practically saw my name in lights when I discovered the By Terry line.

From first glance you know this stuff is special. A gorgeous deep metallic purple and orange box with a silver embossed “T”. I even saved the boxes. Yep, it’s that pretty. And it’s written in French and English, tré chic. The jars even come with a tiny silver spoon so you don’t have to put your fingers in them! C’mon-does it get any better than that? But it’s the potions themselves that really screams decadent.

Creator Terry de Gunzburg says about her products “I have created a prestigious, ultra feminine skincare line at the top of elegance and efficiency.” Based on active ingidents from dark colored flowers and berries (in fact the packaging is a lacquer finish based on the black tulips it derives ingredients from). It’s a highly regenerating, antioxidant filled patented complex, said to make the skin emerge from shadow to light. And I’m sure Gwen Stefani uses it on her elbows. I’m sold!

The Hydra-Smoothing Toner is like wiping your face with a flower from the Queen’s garden. Fresh is not fresh enough a word to describe it. Its scent is energizing, it’s ingredients-revitalizing. Creates the perfect canvas for the products to come. A true beauty primer.

Radiance Strengthening Balm with SPF 10 is the first moisturizer with an SPF that has ever agreed with my skin. The light apricot-tinted rich crème creates a non-oily, hydrating protective film to wake-up tired complexions and instantly restore radiance. In time it promises facial contours to be redefined and wrinkles and fine lines to be visibly reduced.

So far so good, my skin looks pretty darn amazing.

But if hubby’s royalty checks were to stop coming and I could only buy one of these products ever again it would be the Radiance Re-Sourcing Lotion. This is like a Red Bull for your skin. A radiance boosting, rich yet oil-free lotion that is loaded with tissue regenerators. Skin looks replenished, brightened and flooded with a flash of light. I swear with every application my skin looks healthier and yes, more youthful. I’m going to look like a 2 year-old if I keep this up!

Hanging with the rock stars ain’t cheap. The Toner is $68, the Lotion $150 and the Balm $175. But more economical than demanding a new toilet seat every time you sit. Seriously, that would add up! And really, do nothing for your skin.

So ladies, tell us-what item would be on YOUR tour rider? Beauty product or otherwise.

Here’s a link to some of the amazing By Terry products:

And just for fun, an amazing link to over 200 musicians riders with actual copies of the documents themselves, It’s pretty fascinating:

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