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Welcome to another Green Chi Tuesday with Chichi! Today, we’re talking about what I think is one of the most amazing green products out there and most of you probably already have a bottle in your medicine cabinet. If you don’t, I suggest you run out and buy some because my beloved Tea Tree Oil is a low cost miracle worker!

I first picked up a bottle of Tea Tree Oil while “browsing” the beauty aisle of my local Trader Joe’s. Ok, I was desperately trying to get my beauty product fix on the cheap. There where only so many trips to the Beverly Center my wallet could take! I knew that Tea Tree Oil was good for redness and swelling and was one of those items you’re supposed to have in your medicine cabinet, plus it was under five bucks. I threw it in my basket, took it home, stored
it in my bathroom and promptly forgot it existed.

Flash-forward to many months later in the heat of summer, I woke up in the middle of the night scratching my chest uncontrollably. A mosquito had got into my room and had a snack. I had three large bumps bites that would…not…stop…itching. I laid in bed trying to will myself to sleep until I couldn’t take it anymore and stomped to the bathroom. Well, a lot of good all of my fancy shampoos and body butters and scrubs did me. There was absolutely
nothing there to relive the itch and let me go back to sleep. Than I saw it – my unopened bottle of Tea Tree Oil. Would this unassuming bottle really work? Skeptically, I applied the curiously smelling oil and to my surprise the itching subsided immediately. Happily, I want back to bed and when I woke up the redness was gone and the bumps were almost invisible. Since that night many years ago, I always turn to Tea Tree Oil for any sort of skin irritation.

So, just what is this miracle oil? According to Wikipedia Tea Tree Oil is a clear to very pale golden color essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor. It is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia which is native to the northeast coast of Australia. First discovered by the indigenous Bundjalung people of eastern Australia to treat burns and scrapes, Tea Tree Oil has been recognized as a potent antiseptic and is a known antifungal

While Australian aboriginals have long used Tea Tree Oil to treat a number or ailments, today you’ll find this versatile oil in everything from soaps and shampoos to toothpaste and cleaning supplies. A simple bottle of Tea Tree Oil is so beneficial and effective. I use it to treat any number of irritations, including:

PimplesI know you’re not supposed to pick at them, but sometimes I can’t control myself. Then I end up with an inflamed open zit. I find most blemish creams irritating and they leave me with dry and flakey skin surrounding the pimple. Tea Tree oil to the rescue – just a dab of it disinfects and soothes the pimple, while reducing the inflammation. The oil also moisturizes the skin instead of drying it out.

Bug Bites and assorted Itches Tea Tree Oil is a quick, effective and long lasting remedy any time you feel the urge to scratch. It works great for mosquito bites, poison ivy, heat rash, bee stings, etc.

Post Waxing/Shaving Treatment If your skin is irritated after waxing or shaving, Tea Tree Oil helps cool and soothe your skin. It also keeps ingrown hair and bumps at bay. The natural oil doesn’t sting your sensitive skin.

It doesn’t stop there! Tea Tree Oil is also effective against dandruff, athlete’s foot, cold sores and nail infections. You can pick up a bottle of pure Tea Tree Oil at your local health or drug store. I recommend the version from The Body Shop since they purchase through the Bunjum Co-operative, which was founded by the Bundjalung aboriginal tribe to make the oil available worldwide while protecting their tribe. It’s a small purchase for a good cause and I promise you’ll find yourself reaching for your magic Tea Tree Oil again and again.

Do all you beautyholics out there already have bottle of this cure all in your medicine cabinet? Do you use Tea Tree based beauty products? Someone must share my love of all things Tea Tree!

Buy It Here!

Tea Tree- Buy it Here!

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