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clayIs it Spring in your little corner of the universe yet? Goddess Granny has flowers blooming and trees budding all around and everything is looking fresh and bright! Except my complexion which is sallow and drab and so very murky looking that I’m standing here pinching my cheeks to see IF I’m still alive. Have I’ve simply morphed into a hot-looking Zombie chick? Seriously…I need something to pick me up and kick me in my dreary face that will give ME that beautiful bloom of Spring and yes, I can/do apply makeup and and pat on a gorgeous cheek color but I’d really love to be able to run out without a full face of makeup just once in a while and not scare small children and animals! Kiss

Oh Tarte…how DO I love thee and I’m still counting the ways:you’ve managed to source an ingredient that’s in included in MANY of your current line of amazing products that is unique, natural, effective and so exotic to say: Amazonian clay! This perfect product normalizes, neutralizes, calms, protects and brings a gorgeous harmonious “balance” to skin of ALL types. Even sensitive, moody, okay downright impossible skin like mine! No matter what your particular skin concern might be, Tarte has you covered. They’ve included this brilliant ingredient in almost everything you need to be beautiful! I’m raving about “Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum” of course WITH Amazonian Clay because this is a very different sort of serum/primer from anything else I’ve tried…

High quality packaging in one of those “you gotta’ love it” portable tubes that looks classy and you get a good amount of product! This serum actually has a bit of coverage and brightens without being goopy or hard to manage! It glides on and right out of the tube. You start to FEEL the active and exciting ingredients start working their magic on your Winter ravaged skin. The chamomile extract soothes and reduces inflammation, vitamins A, C,and E provide a healthy dose of goodness and skin-loving protection. Our new friend, Amazonian clay minimizes oil and ALSO hydrates and soothes like nothing else out there! Literally no matter your age or skin type,you’ll notice the difference immediately after you apply and it really is you only MUCH improved!

It corrects and blends out any spots or uneveness enough so that somedays, bit’s all I need to look polished and fresh…Add a bit more coverage here and there if you must and you have a face that is ready to face the music. The staying power of this serum-primer is nothing short of miraculous: it holds for hours as does any other product you use on top of it!

Unlike many primers that are designed simply to create a smoother base FOR other cosmetics and foundation to be applied on top, Tarte’s Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum ismore of a foundation by itself. You can build off of OR just apply and run out the door! It’s a very light shade of beige that I do believe would work on all but the very darkest of skin tones. It’s totally neutral, it doesn’t add color but manages to smooth everything out and blur the line between bare-faced and polished perfectly! Alone or combined with foundation,it’s a skin-brightening and improving boast we all can benefit from!

The reviews are glowing and pros everywhere are adding their kits! It does not add any glitter or shimmer to your skin but instead “fills in” where needed. It created a soft airbrushed-looking finish. I’ve never seen a primer/serum be able to do as a stand alone product before…it lights you up just enough! I think it’s one of THE most innovative and usable new products of 2011! Tarte is hitting it out of the ballpark this season with their Amazonian clay products and Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum. It will have you all aglow for Spring with a single swipe of your finger! Leaves you looking fresh as a daisy even if there is still a bit of snow on the ground. I personally don’t use mineral foundation makeup, I have heard it is THE best primer EVER under such products!

Buy it here and you KNOW we love to stalk the Tarte site for all kinds of tips and tricks relating to this FABULOUS brand of natural only MUCH nicer products!

Do you use a primer/serum under your foundation and wouldn’t you also love to be able to make it a one-step process some days by using this amazing Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum?

Buy it here!

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