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tarteshimmerWith the world in the state that is has been in since last Friday’s Tsunami…I have to say that Sweetassgal is counting her blessings.  As I watch the painful devastation and human loss that keeps pouring forth I begin to look around my very blessed life and gain a little perspective with regards to my own petty problems.  Boo hoo…I am overweight.  At least I have food in my tummy every day and never worry about waiting for a rescue truck to bring me my next meal.  Wah wah…I have a few aches and pains that creep up on you as you near forty.  Hey, at least I’m still alive and able to reasonably believe I will actually deign to reach 40.  Sniff sniff…I have to force myself out of bed again to go to yet another windowless day in my little office tomb.  Look lady, you have a job and a good one at that so just shut up and go.  Yes ladies, I do believe the secret to life is all about perspective.  It’s not what you are going through, but how you choose to react to it that matters.  It’s easy to take a turn into Negative Town but in the long run you are better off taking the positive route to Happy City.
One of the things that truly makes me happy?  I have a little sister who is 14 years younger than I and I am eternally grateful for her because I prayed for one for so long as a child.  Considering our age gap, I of course spoiled her to no end once she came.  She was my living doll.  Unfortunately because I did love her so much and spoiled her so badly I contributed greatly to her stubborn nature, her willfulness and her complete insistence that she do only what she want and nothing anyone else ever begged her to do.  I tried to help her out several times over the years with things like cheerleading, make up and outdoor activities.  She turned me down flat on all points and for a while there I feared we’d never have a true sisterly relationship.  But then, as she grew up and started opening herself to new experiences she started coming to me of her own free will and I have been absolutely thrilled.
The topper came this last weekend when we had a girls day out in my family.  We went to the theater to see “9 to 5” (go see it…it’s SO much fun!), had a fabulous lunch el fresco, went to the best second hand store in Sac to find totally cool and completely unique clothing, came home to watch Burlesque and to top it off…she let me give her a MAKE OVER!!!!!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT!  Sister time has officially arrived!
My sister is beautiful.  Really she is.  Especially when she flashes that perfect smile of hers.  She has TONS of long, dark, thick hair.  Olive skin, cat shaped eyes and eyebrows I SWEAR you would think were perfectly plucked.  Alas, they are shaped that way naturally with perfect arches and I am envious for days!  Having all this and being an off season Firefighter, she doesn’t “make up” a whole lot.  She doesn’t really need it.  But the point of a make over is to get out of your comfort zone and really GO for it!  So I went all out glam.  GLAM ON glam!  
To begin with I did a full dusting of light and translucent powder over her face to give her a soft, lighter whiter looking complexion.  I played up an iridescent pearl on her lids to contrast her black eye brows and filled in the top line of her upper lid only in a thick cats eye line.  I used a recently reviewed Amazonian clay pot in black and really pulled out the wing tip past her outer edge.  A few coats of black mascara and we already had a very, very glamorous and highly contrasting eye.  Next I fully lined her nicely shaped lips with a deep rose and filled it in with a truly pure 40’s style red.  A little pop of gloss to the center of her upper and lower lip would complete the very vintage look and really make her mouth pop.  But wait…something was missing.  Something that would take her face out of the flat and powder dry look of the past and put a new spin on the “Dita Von Teese” style look.
Tarte’s provocateur Amazonian clay shimmer powder to the blah skin rescue!  I whipped out this bad boy and with a few swipes of my smallest facial brush I dusted the highlights of her cheeks, nose, chin and swept a very light T across her forehead to give her face a soft velvet shimmer without a lot of unwanted shine!  It was gorgeous!  Puts me in mind of that great glow Gwen Stephani always manages to have without looking fresh scrubbed shiney or afternoon greasy.  It’s incredible and it WORKS for bringing out your bone structure.  My sister has great cheekbones thanks to American Indian on our side and Hispanic on her fathers side that favors the high cheeked and sharp eyes of a native indian as well.  My shade is “Champagne” and it certainly is a perfectly toned and very neutral champagne shimmer.  For those with lighter skin I would highly recommend this shade to blend easily in to a variety of complexions with ease.  For those who are darker or dark complected I believe their offering in “Rose” to be a very flattering shade as a highlighter and even a very shimmery blush.  I have often see women with very deep, dark skin be able to pull off the shiny cheek color as it sets off their natural tone and draws the eye to their prominent cheek bones.  It’s very sexy and very flattering if your skin is deep enough to pull it off.  
tarte website boasts about these pressed powders…”These finely-milled powders are infused with Amazonian clay, nature’s most perfect ingredient, and can be applied to cheeks, brow bones and décolletage for a completely customizable glow – add a little for a soft, subtle sheen or add more for lavishly enhanced radiance. Nutrient rich and intuitive Amazonian clay universally benefits all skin types. Oily skin? Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place. Dry skin? This nourishing clay hydrates skin naturally to restore moisture. Combination skin? Amazonian clay will intuitively identify your skin concerns and deliver benefits to restore harmony. The result is makeup that wears better, longer and truer!”
I WISH I had read this prior to doing her makeup because it didn’t even occur to me to do her brow line with it!  The pearl naked eye, black cats eye liner and red lips were begging for that brow bone highlight.  My mistake there.  But I didn’t make the biggest mistake of all.  Though it was midnight by the time I had finished her makeup, I decided she need hot hair to go with her hot makeup!  Out came the two heaviest hitters from my days in the 80’s…my curling iron and can-o-hairspray!  I proceeded to do painstaking curl after painstaking curl, spritzing and scrunching along the way, until every inch of her head was covered in two feet of barrel curls.  Out came the teasing brush…another powerhouse tool of 80’s big hair.  Time to introduce my 90’s child straight haired devotee to the joys of RATTING your hair!  Flipping over her head and starting from the base up to the crown, and the ever important temples, I slowly began to convert those cute cupie doll curls into giant, luscious BADASS big waves.  With a few smoothing strokes on the top layer of the hair (not disturbing the foundation I had built beneath) I tamed the outside layer giving her giant waves a soft and sexy quality while maintaining the big hair status.  What I was finished with was a bit of 60’s Bridget Bardot and a lot of Tawny Kitaen doing the splits on Whitesnake’s car.  It was HOT…REALLY, REALLY HOT!

Of course this is not at all her style but even she had to admit…and I quote…“Oh my God this look is SO much FUN!”.  It is fun.  It’s ballsy and over the top and full on outlandish fun.  Which might as well be the tagline of the 80’s!  So though I enjoyed finally getting to play living doll with my sister and getting the chance to test out and see what wonderful things my Tarte provocateur Amazonian clay shimmer powder could do, I also know this probably isn’t a look she will be duplicating on her own.  At least not without my help.  But I am eternally grateful to have my sister in my life, for the fact that she sat there for 3 hours letting me do my thing, and for the fact that God has allowed us to be safe and secure here in our corner of the world.  My heart, hope and prayers go out to everyone suffering in Japan and for those of us who live on…remember to hug your sister, be grateful for life, family and friends, and above all…avoid Negative Town.  Because no one will want to visit you there and I certainly won’t be around to lavish my Tarte products on you and turn you in to a true big haired, red lipped glowing skinned vixen.  So there!  GLAM ON!!!!

Are any of you devoted to a highlighter/ shimmer? Where do you use it? brow bone? cheek bone? Decollete area?

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