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tarteamazonianclayfinishing powderI have it BAD! Spring Fever that is and Goddess Granny isn’t taking any prisoners or suffering any fools this season! I intend to look better, be more fit and healthy,and to kick this year into HIGH gear on the warm breezes that are blowing though…crazy weather everywhere in the US but “seasons” are pretty much a state of mind and shoes as well has how much skin one can expose so I say it’s TIME to being on the lookout for fresh!

I sincerely hope I’m not the only one who is still trying to figure out “who or “what” she wants to be when she grows up? I swear I’m worse than a tween these days with my choices whether it be food, music, what to wear, or how I want to look and have realized that chaos can be good because it prompts us to take that leap and re-invent ourselves whether we’re nudged by the weather or some invisible or internal force that is saying,“Go for it…”

I have literally wrecked havoc with my skin and self lately trying a ridiculous amount of “new” products and have decided that in some cases,less is more (glitter and heel height excluded) so I’m experimenting with some very exclusive and more “natural” (God I hate that word!)at least  in ingredients products at least when it comes to my skin-canvas and will keep you posted on how it goes with that: still haven’t found a “better” foundation for me than Armani’s Luminous Silk but have something ordered that may be interesting and it’s a cult-favorite as well as “natural…”

I’m popping between an almost no color pale/dark eyes/ plain glossed lip lip to an over the top heavy winged cats eye liner with a flaming red lip these days and although I am NOT a “blush” person, am still hunting for a little “something” to take me out of the shadows when it comes to my paleness…what I HAVE discovered though is that is you skin presents as totally pore less and flawless, it really becomes less of an issue as to adding more color? I see it going both ways in the makeup looks for 2012!

I say,“To know a Tarte is to love a Tarte…” whether it be fruit or sassy or the AMAZING brand that we here at simply adore! This cruelty-free, vegan line of fabulous products just keeps on taunting us with enough beautiful products every year to fill a hefty-basket and what’s not to love about that? It’s not just a “cult” that follows this brand anymore,it’s all of us who love beautiful color presented in formulations that are pure and that honestly outperform many loaded with “stuff” that is better left to the dark days…

Their “Amazonian Clay” line of products has won countless awards and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t swear by “something” in this collection: the colors are true and last forever and the ingredients are pure enough to tempt the real purists among us! I love the eyeliners and blushes and recently tried their “Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder” with GREAT results!

It’s white in the jar but melts to nothing on ALL skin tones: I suggest gently rolling this loose finishing powder on then using a brush to remove excess: if you haven’t experimented with a finishing powder before,THIS is the one to try! It sets, it polishes, you can even use under eyes to on top of a blemish to REALLY lock down concealer and it will NOT settle into any little lines or creases no matter what! It controls oil and gives your face such a gorgeous airbrushed-finish, you’ll look flawless in any light or no matter you “look!”
It’s also a treatment because it contains Tarte’s PM20™, a molecular compound to clinically reduce the size of pores by 20% in 4 weeks time!!! It’s actually helping to MAKE your skin flawless as well and what it doesn’t contain is anything we hate: no paraben or sulfates,no mineral oil or fragrance! It contains their Amazonian Clay to provide a natural balance to your skin and it’s just an INCREDIBLE all around great face powder! There is something just so feminine about using face powder to me…

The ever so cool and colorful Tarte site seems to be “out of stock” on this product at the moment and if you read the reviews you’ll see why!

HOWEVER it’s in stock with more great reviews at Sephora!

I can’t say enough about using a powder to set and polish no matter what else you have on your face: I don’t know of a single pro-artist who doesn’t have one in their kit and once you see the difference in staying-powder and finish,you’ll also never be able to go without again! I know many aren’t in the habit of using a powder  but suggest you add this skill to your set and give Tarte’s a try: their Amazonian Clay Powder is an absolute must-have for me now and I love that the “color” isn’t an option!

 Have you tried a finishing powder as that extra step that takes you from nice to WOW?

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