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tanina tarantino“She’s very sparkly…she looks like a holiday.”

When Dustin Hoffman as “Charlie” spoke those words in one of my all time fav movies, “Rainman”, I knew exactly what he meant! This Goddess Granny LOVES anything that sparkles, shines, blings, whatever you want to call it in all it’s forms and honestly doesn’t believe that you’re ever too young or too old to enjoy a bit of glittering enhancement in your life! However,as a girl who tops out @ 5’10” and who has never been accused of looking “subtle”, I do tend to rein in my wattage in order to hopefully avoid looking like a parade float 🙂

For many years, I have been a HUGE fan of a gorgeous fuschia-haired designer whose been dubbed “The Queen of Irreverent Luxury”, the fabulous and oh so sparkly Miz Tarina Tarantino: from a young age, this lady knew how to make a statement and as the founder of her own brand along with her husband,she has been the gold-standard throughout the world for creating high-style, sparkling, and over the top girly-girl and amazing accessories! I personally own quite a few of her jewelry pieces and they never fail to delight and never go out of style… they make me happy when I wear them as is the designer’s intent: she wants all girls of all ages to be their own true “sparkling selves” and I for one continue to covet everything she produces!

I’m going to admit to you that I literally fell upon this line by accident while browsing on Sephora very recently and immediately started to hyper-ventilate. Tarina has very recently dipped her jewel-encrusted wand into the world of cosmetics and let me tell you, the results ARE truly magical! As a former makeup artist prior to her highly successful career in design, Tarina knows her way around the world of beauty products and has created a pigment-rich, luxury-line of cosmetics that just scream with the “artisan level of quality” I personally would expect from such a lady and when you visit the site (if you’re not familiar with Miz Tarantino) you’ll immediately notice that she walks the walk herself in terms of “being different,unique,and beautifully stylish!” I am in awe of this designer on every level: she’s not simply a “brand”, she is the absolute Queen of Original in so many ways!

I ordered up several of her products which appear to be exclusive to Sephora and I’m just not sure if they’re available in all of their retail locations as well,it’s not easy to get answers from Sephora sometimes, LOL! I could coo and goo for hours about how MUCH I love everything and the fact that I’m dying to own one of everything because I honestly feel that when the line “hits” it will be hard to come by/sell out quickly: many are simply rabid-collectors of Tarina’s treats in all forms and I predict this cosmetic line will be no different. I went to a “private party” at my local MAC store last year for the release of the “Hello Kitty” line which was designed by Tarina for MAC and literally stood gasping in awe at the bounty of sparkling-booty MANY girls wore to the event, literally some were draped from head to toe in Tarina’s designs and trust me, some are quite pricey. From tiaras to handbags and all manner of accessory in between, it was a be-dazzled crowd! I am not alone in my love of the Swarovski-crystal, LOL!

I am also a sucker for a beautiful powder compact to carry in my purse: I have been known to buy such a thing simply for it’s mirror regardless of the product it encased and I  think all women should have a beautiful compact to enjoy and preen with! Tarina’s “Dollskin Powder” is my current obsession with it’s 35 crystal-gems hand placed on a gleaming pink and silver creation that actually does hold a helluva beautiful face powder that’s smooth,has wonderful coverage and wearability, and is for touch ups for a quick finish on your way out the door. Very high-quality all the way around and the shades seem to be varied enough for all,there’s even a translucent shade named “Tulle” in the mix as well as one called “Peridot” which promises to correct any redness. This is one of the nicest cosmetics I own and am constantly looking for any excuse to whip it out of my handbag for a quick look/subtle admiration on my part, LOL! I’d gift this to everyone from a 12 yr. old stylista to a goddess granny of any age absolutely confidant that they too would love it! 🙂 My favorite thing of beauty these days… I LOVE this compact!

You can check out/buy Tarina’s “Dollskin” compact here

BUT,be absolutely sure to check out the other totally amazing products in her line here as well and read a bit about the lady herself if you aren’t familar, I think you’d agree she’s a force in the world of design!

Marvel at her jewelry/accessories here

I am DYING for all her “Alice” stuff!!! Okay,I’m gushing.

Are you also a fan of sparkle for any reason?
Do you love a pretty powder compact too?

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