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Jeanasina here! I’m super excited to talk about my product for review today! I have been lovingly applying Sustainable Youth cream and serum to my face and neck back to back for the past two weeks straight (morning and night) and they are the Sustainable Youth Immune performance-elasticity cream and the Sustainable Youth immune performance-revitalizing serum! I have my staples for my skincare and as risky as it was to me to give the Sustainable Youth a full blown trial on my skin; I actually went without my usual skincare regimen products (be afraid – be very afraid) and exclusively used these two Sustainable Youth products for two weeks straight on their own!  At the first sign of trouble or advanced aging symptoms you just know that I would have drop kicked these two Sustainable Youth pump vials into the sunset if I began to experience less than stellar results!  Ladies, I am here to tell you that I think I might have my two new best friends visiting with me right now!
I just got married! I bring this up is because a friend of ours took photos and made us a rockin’ awesome video of our magical day (we got married in our backyard under our pergola) but when we looked at the photos I couldn’t help but notice and think …I’m lookin’ old man!  My face definitely is showing signs of looseness which is the hardest thing for me to deal with, sometimes even more than wrinkles.  Our neighbor also took photos and he likes to get up close and personal with his camera so every stinkin’ detail of age spots and hangin’ dog-type loose skin is magnified hugely!

Anyway..I lamented somewhat over how aged I was that day and the tie-in to this story is that after using these two products over the past two weeks I noticed that my skin looks better than it did on my wedding day!  At my office there is a giant mirror in the ladies restroom. These past days, I have looked into that evil, unflatteringly lit mirror and thought “Wow…My skin is looking really good!”  Another very telling moment!

 I am an older, mature (some days anyway) lady and as an older woman who is aging daily my biggest laments are sagging skin on my face especially.  Most of the products that I try are average but once in awhile I get the opportunity through Meg’s to try some outstanding product that I think “Holy Crap!” in a good way about and I have to say…my review today is about a product line that just might be on to something!
Sustainable Youth Technologies
products are based on the company’s clinically-validated organic active compound, Alasta, and they claim they are unprecented in their anti-aging benefits through immune performance!  The website goes on to say that their products offer consumers unparalleled visible results in as little as 4 weeks!  Based on clinical testing, they say that there is a positive, supportive relationship between the use of Alasta and the ability to help reduce overall inflammation in the body to help sustain the quality and appearance of youth!
The main focus of their products is in the use of THREE powerful new treatments that they claim are formulated to sustain youth, beauty and vitality!  They are going at this process using an ‘inside out’ treatment program resulting in a stronger, more efficient immune system which will better be able to reduce overall inflammation in the body and combat free radical damage and collagen and elastin cross linking.  What that means that taking their product orally and topically Alasta has been clinically proven to help increase skin elasticity and firmness!  All this using 100% natural, organic and green ingredients!
Sorry this is so long but there is a lot to tell (worth your time I’m hoping).  The first part of their 3 product regime is taking their Immune Performance Elastifirm Supplement with Alasta for the inside help.
The second component of the 3 product miracle workers is the Immune Performance Elasticity Cream with Alasta.  This is a lightweight, daily moisturizer containing the immune-stimulating patent-pending blend Alasta that soothes and hydrates as it helps restore skin’s elasticity and firmness for the appearance of thicker, plumper skin!  The product claims to improve skin elasticity and firmness up to 72 percent in only 8 weeks of use!
The 3rd product is Immune Performance Revitalizing Serum also with Alasta.   This is a weightless, topical treatment containing the immune-stimulating, patent-pending blend Alasta that absorbs instantly to rejuvenate skin’s radiance and glow as it helps improve skin’s elasticity and firmness for the appearance of younger looking skin!
I didn’t have the opportunity to try out their supplement and have been exclusively been testing the cream and serum in the line.

I’m not saying my skin is now miraculously back to the skin-tight face it was when I was young, but something really positive is showing up on my face.  I like it to the point that I’d like to keep using it!  It hasn’t erased my age spots but I honestly am so impressed with this product that I would trade all the skin products I currently use as my best and most valuable necessities for a years worth of the Sustainable Youth skin care cream and serum alone!  It’s hands down the best product I have tried ever since I started seeking out on my own and/or receiving products from Meg in the category of anti-aging skin products!  I love what Sustainable Youth has done for my face in just two weeks!  Oh! For those of you who are going to ask, the skin on my neck IS somewhat better, and yes, I can still get clothes pins to grab on to it and hold…but maybe if I used this product even longer, the clothes pins would fly off my neck on their own!
Ladies, What do you think about Sustainable Youth’s Creams and Serums?


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