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supersmile1Tantejoan here! As the youngest of three girls, I often found myself on the low end of the totem pole, last to the table, holder of the short stick – you get the picture.  Wherever I went, my sisters — seven and ten years older — had been there before me, and as memorable and talented as they were, late arrival moi was saddled with their brilliant reputations as not-very-added-value.  “Oh,” chirped the teacher, “you are (enter sister’s name here)’s sister.  You must be wonderful at dramatics/rope climbing/creative writing/pottery/butter churning.”  Whatever I wanted to do, or was expected to excel at, my sisters had been there, done that, and had left me a daunting legacy as they moved on to their next triumphs, literally years ahead of me.

Ah, but there was one arena in which I was the clear leader, superior in every way, and it has lasted me all of my life.  I have inherited all of the good calcium genes both parents had to offer.  While my sisters were plagued with cavities in virtually every tooth, spending Saturday after tortuous Saturday clamped into the dentist’s chair, I skipped blithely through my childhood and young adulthood with but three cavities.  Ever.  My hair was strong and thick, while theirs was fine and thin.  My bones were strong; even now, when I have a bone density test, the result shows that I have the bones of a thirty year old, leaving me to conclude that somewhere in the world there is a poor young woman cursed with my elderly bones.  My sisters?  They are charter members of the Sally Field School of Bone Maintenance.

Having good strong teeth is a great advantage, of course, but there can be drawbacks.  My teeth were cavity-free, yes, but all that calcium output made me a virtual plaque factory, and yellow?   My sisters kindly referred to them as horse teeth, big, yellow and ivory as old piano keys.   Their own teeth might be Swiss cheese-y on an X-ray, but truly dazzling on a dance floor.  They win again.  Forever.  Or so I thought, until as I matured, dentistry hit a speed bump.  Fluoridated water gave young kids the same advantage my genes had given me, a natural resistance to tooth decay.  And with fewer cavities came fewer costly hours in a dentist’s chair.  What was a poor dentist to do?  Gee, I don’t know, how about cosmetic dentistry?

Over the past 40 years or so, enterprising dentists have found tons of ways to correct the appearance of our teeth and high on the list has been the ability to make white those dull, dingy, yellow or stained teeth.  As they came along, I tried most, if not all of them, some in home kits, some in dentist’s offices, some in those brightening storefront spas.  I have probably spent more on whitening my teeth than on gym fees, and believe me, time spent at the gym would probably have been better spent.   I know that the dollars I spent on toothpastes that promised whiter, brighter smiles were pretty much dollars down the drain.  From my earliest foray – Pearl Drops – through the Rembrandts, the GO Smiles and all the whitening formulas offered by Crest, Colgate, Aquafresh and the rest – I got better or negligible plaque reduction and better or negligible stain reduction, minty freshness, but no real difference in the dazzling white department.  Until now.

When Meg sent me a tube of Supersmile for review, my first thought was been there, done EVERYTHING.  What on earth more could I do to my choppers that has not been done, especially when my beloved Dr. Mike, he who has been tending to all of the ailments even strong, healthy bones can fall prey to as age evens the score, urged me to brush only with Colgate Total for its plaque-loosening talents.  But who am I, I thought, to refuse Meg when she has been the very fountainhead of all products and advice wonderful for lo, these years.  No, I thought, Dr. Mike can lump it.  I must use Supersmile for this test period, and by gum – or gums! – I will.

Dr. Irwin Smigel is a real cutie. He has a red carpetfull of celebrity clients, all of whom have the DWS  — Dazzling White Smile – of my dreams.  Now in the interests of full disclosure, I must point out that some of these celebrities have had extensive cosmetic dentistry to achieve DWS-ness.  Porcelain veneers, for example, or caps or other aids.  Doesn’t matter.  We all, the augmented or the non-, experience stains, illnesses or whatnot.  Therefore we all are less than our best, smilewise.  I feel better already, I thought, as I imagined a level playing field between Scarlett Johansen and me.  The big thing is to use the Supersmile and see what happens.

What happened was, in two weeks I got whiter teeth.  No foolin’.  So much so that I am going to get the whole darn system – the toothpaste, the Accelerator, and the mouthwash – and go for broke.  Because I have to tell you, this is not a cheapie system.  But I am convinced.  According to the Web site, Supersmile will work on all types of teeth: natural teeth, veneers, crowns, bonding and even dentures – returning teeth to their natural whiteness – and helping to maintain and restore the color of any original dental work.  What’s not to like?  I am especially looking forward to getting the mouthwash, because of its smart and really cute format.  You get these individual packets of powder.  Tear off the top of the packet, fill with water and swish it around, then rinse and repeat.  You get fresh breath and a little dose of the patented Calprox™ formula that all the products contain, plus you can carry it anywhere with no spillage.  Compare that to lugging around even the tiniest bottle of mouthwash.  I don’t think so!

So, I am sold.  I’m not taking third place behind my sisters anymore because I, too, have a DWS.   I will also be using my Crest Whitestrips twice a year, because they have never let me down, but from now on I will be a Smigel Smiler.   No, I can’t really say that, Dr. Smigel, no matter how cute you are.  There are limits.

Who else has tried Supersmile? What did you think?

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