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Kate2004Rock is our resident Sephora insider…

Hey Girls, T.G.I.S.! Don’t you just love having things before everyone else does? Its just so gratifying to see everyone wearing something you’ve been rocking for years in your trendsetting, badass way. In sixth grade, I wore Steve Madden shoes before EVERYONE else did. Last summer I bought a rockin’ leopard print dress for $19.99 at Ross and jungle fever was all over the runways last fall. I freakin’ rock! (Seriously, I’m not a ‘Mean Girl’ …I was so not popular (though I wished I was), or mean, in High School). Anyhow, luckily, this week, y’all can rock the newest hottest beauty items before your friends! Here’s the scoop on some of the newest, hippest, hottest products at Sephora!

First off, this new product from Dr. Brandt: Liquid Skin PM Skin Prep. $70. I just learned about this – it’s not even QUITE on the shelves yet –
but will be this week or next! Liquid skin is a water-based night time prep with SEVEN essential Amino Acids that help to repair damaged tissue and retain moisture. Basically, you smooth this on BEFORE your night time moisturizer or treatment to help it work better. It also has green and white tea to serve up a dose of anti-oxidants and ceramides to maintain the moisture inside your skin. PLUS its really great for ALL sking types it’s water based so it won’t turn you oil-slicks into Gushers. But its got WATER in it so Dry skins won’t be lacking either. Plus – it just makes your skin feel GREAT! Go try it!

Since I practically live at Sephora — no I take that back, I ACTUALLY live at Sephora and I get to visit my house occasionally–I haven’t gotten to sit by the pool much yet this summer. Not to mention its been raining for about two weeks strait here in Dallas/Fort Worth. So I’ve resorted to trying EVERY single self-tanner that we sell. Plus that whole skin-cancer thing is kind of a downer anyhow. But I have had the best results (so far) with the Bliss ‘A Tan for All Seasons’. The color was great and it was so fool proof to apply! Its a spray and you just spray it in lines on your skin and you rub it in (it comes out a sort of purplish-brown color) so you can see where it goes. AND you can use it on your face too! Its gorgeous and not too shabby at $36!

This next one is for you lip-gloss lovahs (coughDesertdollcough) I’ve seen little sections on shiny nude lips on celebrities all over the placeand I sooo wanted to copy that. Well, today, I found the winning combo for that. Take a really neutral pinkish lip liner ( I like Smashbox in Caffe Latte $14) and then the piece de resistance is the DiorKiss lip-gloss in Hazlenut Lychee #418 for a sweet $19 dollars. I love DiorKiss glosses. They’re all named after desserts…and they smell like them too!

Last but not least, the Fekkai summer-hair products are flying off the shelves. Especially Beach Waves ($20). Even if your hair is stick strait
it gives you waves. Snatch them up before they go away until next summer!

See you babes next week. What are y’alls current beauty obsessions? I’d love to know!

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