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Summer Must-Haves 2008!

Every Saturday Kate brings you the best of Sephora as only an insider can!

Let’s just make this an annual thing. Because, let’s face it, everyone looks forward to something that only happens once a year. Your birthday, the 4th of July, being teased mercilessly at the Thanksgiving dinner table…so this is Katie’s Saturday’s at Sephora Summer Must Haves 2008! You can refer 2007 in the archives of the site too! 🙂 One unusual thing to not though, is that some of the best things in sephora stores this summer were NOT featured in the Summer Catalog…which is good…because those things often sell out before we manage to unpack them out of the box!

Firstly, I am obsessed with Korres’ Color. I wish we had it in my Sephora store so bad. I did read that it was going into about 30-40 more stores in September though…so good news for all you! I finally got to try a few of their products, I have an velvety eye shadow and some eye pencils and a gloss and I love them. That is the one advantage of Natural skincare’s makeup lines (see also: Fresh) and I really feel better when I’m not plastering chemicals all over my face. The Korres Mediterranean Sun collection is a heck of a deal at $35. You get a Illuminating Bronzer, a Black Mascara and a Fuchsia Cherry Gloss (all full sized) in a cute little makeup bag. (I am a sucker for CBWP (cute bag with purchase). Let me know if anyone else has gone Greek…or just wants to see my vacation pictures from last year (in Greece) Haha.

For all of you that ‘nixed the No!No! at a staggering $250, Bliss has the answer for you. The Bikini Perfect Deluxe is an electric razor with six different attachments (a precision trimmer, precision comb, epilator, micro shaver, micro trimmer, and eyebrow comb) to combat unwanted hair. You also get mini Lemon+Sage Body Butter and Scrubs and Ingrown Eliminating Peel pads! This $60 tool is shower-friendly and works for over half an hour off the charger! Again, CBWP. This is all stuff on the box and I am totally sold. I just need to get paid again and I just might invest.

I’m sure you all have seen the spamming of print advertisements for Fusion Beauty’s Plump + Replump glosses. They’re sort of liquid lipsticks but FULL color. And they. Are. Awesome! I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for them to come in because I was just so sure they’d be ok. But they were better. (Come to think of it I’ve liked everything I’ve ever tried from Fusion Beauty but you know…) They’re $38, the same price as the colored glosses. They taste and smell good. They stay on really well. They’re really hydrating. And the colors are gorgeous and wearable.

Several of you, I know, are Tinted Moisturizer Junkie, and I’ve found the next big one. Dior HydrAction Tinted Moisturizers – Deep Hydration Skin Tint SPF 20, to be exact. They come in four shades and they’re $38 and they live up to every promise. I SWEAR you feel your skin drink up the water when you put it on. It also has some of the best coverage I’ve ever seen in a tinted moisturizer. Actually, the whole HydrAction line is fabulous…I’m totally loving the SPF 15 eye cream and I am also wanting to give the SPF15 Moisture Sorbet a go as well. Anyone else tried it?

What do you think of my picks!?

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